Fruit of the Dragons

When I got home from the mainland last week the first thing I wanted to do was jump in the ocean to really signify that I was home once more.

That Sunday we went for a hike in Polipoli.  I was really excited to test out the stuff we had gotten on sale at R.E.I. in Seattle!  The new Prana shorts rock my world!  Seriously, the fabric is structured but flexes to my body, they’re long enough to reach my knees, and they never feel uncomfortable, bunchy or tight in the wrong places.  I could live in these shorts (this is my second pair).  Plus, because they’re pretty low profile I could get away with wearing them to work too!  Love it.

As excited as I was that the shorts are yet again amazing, it was my first day in the new Chaco’s and we all know what that means: breaking them in.  Ouch!!  Although the structure of these bad boys is sound and comfy, they’ve got some serious breaking in to do.  The trail was extra dusty that day, so I thought it was kinda cool to take a photo of just how dirty my feet got.  At one point the guys had to go on without me because my blisters were just too much.  Slowly but surely I’ll break them in and I’m sure we’ll be unstoppable together after that!

After the hike we came home and had dragon fruit (apparently there’s a dragon fruit farm in Kona!).  Dragon fruit originated in Central America and actually comes from a cactus-looking plant.  It’s a good source of vitamin C and tastes mild but sweet, similar to a kiwi.  Perfect after-hiking snack!


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