Stand Up Paddle Boarding + Spirulina

I feel the need to preface this blog with the fact that I’ve been wanting to go SUPing (stand up paddle boarding) since the huge trend started years ago!  It’s on my ‘goals for the year’ checklist and everything!  All kinds of excuses kept getting in the way (I don’t have racks on my car, my weekends fill up so quickly, it’s too windy today) but I kept telling anyone and everyone who went that I would love to join them.

So this past Monday (Labor Day–woohoo for holidays!) some friends of mine decided to rent a few stand up paddle boards and have a pulehu (barbecue) down on the West side.  I was SO stoked!

This past weekend I meant to have a longer run of about 5 miles or so, but in order to honor my body I held out on strenuous exercise until Monday.  Early Monday morning I got up, laced up my shoes and ran a good three miles before I just couldn’t handle the hills around my house anymore.  I came home and had a great protein and spirulina smoothie:

Protein and Spirulina Smoothie

1/2 c. Rice milk

1/2 c. Frozen berries

1/2 Frozen banana (used Hawai’i apple banana)

1 serving BioChem Chocolate Fudge protein powder [NO yeast, corn, wheat, gluten, preservatives, artificial color, artificial flavor or artificial sweeteners]

1 tsp Spirulina Pacifica – a local product!

[The yellow cup also had Garden of Life Super Seed in it, which lightened up the color quite a bit.]

After filling up on goodness I headed off to the beach!  It was a perfectly gorgeous day on the west side!

There were quite a few of us (a bunch of friends and some kids, too!) and we had four SUPboards.  I’m sad to say that I haven’t gotten back any photos of me paddling yet, but I do have some photos of some friends out on the water.  Although it was much harder than it looks, I didn’t do too bad for my first time.  I fell a lot but kept getting back up and trying it again.  When the waves came I stood on my knees  and the longest I stood on my feet was maybe five minutes or so.  Talk about a great workout that doesn’t mess with the joints, works the core and is a lot of fun! I spent more than my fair share of time on the board and I can’t wait to do it again!

Nothing better than a sunny day, the ocean and great friends!

I had to come home earlier than I would have liked to get some (lots) of reading done.  When I got home I cut open a ripe papaya I had gotten at the Farmer’s Market this past weekend

and then got down to business.  I seriously can’t believe how much reading is entailed in attaining a Master’s degree.   I’m definitely honing in on the study/time-management skills I learned as an undergrad years ago.

It’s already September… have you kept up with your resolutions for the year?


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