For Body and Soul

[For Body]

This morning Ben and I ran the Maui Tacos 5K (which is part of the Maui Marathon festivities).  Since I typically run 2 to 3 miles at least four times a week I figured I’d be fine to run the 5K today without a problem.

We woke up this morning and fueled up (I had Mana sourdough rye with PB & black raspberry jam with some fresh coconut water)

That would have been perfect but I decided to also have some coconut meat:

Arrgh, just looking at it makes my tummy sore.  As it turns out, this amazing looking young coconut meat sat in my stomach for the entire race!  Blegh.

But I regress.  Ben and I left the house later than we would have liked and arrived at the race site with 5 minutes to spare!  Because we live about 45 minutes from where it started, I assumed I’d have time to use the restroom before we started.  Nope. We hurriedly got our numbers and got in line just in time!  I ran the entire race with a full bladder and a sore tummy!  😦  We also hadn’t looked at the course beforehand, so we kept assuming we’d be finishing soon just to come around another turn (and a steep hill!).  Argh.  I actually ended up walking about half a mile because I had pushed myself too hard in the beginning thinking the entire thing would be flat.  Not to mention the west side is hot (even at 8 am). Ben said he felt like he was about to faint.  It was a rough one for both of us, but we made it!  Even with the walking and the hill I crossed the line at around 33 min 30 seconds or so… not bad for me 🙂

We went straight to the ocean to cool down!  Ahh, the perks of living on Maui!



[For Soul]

In gratitude for all their endless support I made mahalo jewelry for the friends and family who helped me out this week!  I love making jewelry with specific people in mind… it comes so much easier 🙂

[Sand and Sea]

[Double Dutch in Purple for Momma]

[Pearl Double Dutch for Kamaile]


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