The New (and Improved) Bat Cave!

Alright, so I’ve been a little M.I.A. lately.  This has been a very testing week and I am glad to see it go!  Tuesday I finished working at the toxic job (yay!!).

It’s nice to get a couple lei, but still doesn’t make up for the year+ of negativity that ended in me getting super sick physically.

Anyway, on to better and brighter things…

…Or not.

As it turned out, I went from a pretty sweet office with a brand new computer and furniture and a huge window to… well, this. It was being used as a closet and only has one fluorescent light (no windows).  And yes, that’s wood paneling (circa 1970s maybe?).  I’m still trying to adjust to the idea.  But there was no time to waste.  I start actually working on Monday, so that meant I had a few days to get in and paint.  Hence, the reason I’ve been M.I.A.

Thanks to the incredible help of my amazing friends and family, this is what I’ve got now:

We painted all day yesterday and worked on decorating it today.  It’s still pretty simple, but it definitely feels better and lighter than it did a couple of days ago.  Sure, it’s not my ideal space, but I think as I’m in there longer it’ll feel more and more like me.  I find it really important to make my work surroundings as positive as possible because, at 8 hours a day, I’m spending more time there than I am (awake) at home every day.  It is the space I choose to extend my passions and strengths to my community.  I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunity to paint and do with the office what I want!  I of course had to add another lamp to the room (because it’s still so dark!) and I also got to put up inspirational photos and paintings.

Reminders that–as long as I surround myself with positivity and love–I am always on the right path.

To New Beginnings!


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