Light Up My Life

I’m still trying to figure out a way to post regularly without having to spend hours in front of  the computer every day.  Again, only time and practice will tell.

In any case, I’m here, NOW!  🙂

I had so much fun creating a few pieces this weekend. I actually made a few more than what I’m including today (because there just might have to be another jewelry post sometime this week…).  Truth be told, while I am a huge Oregon DUCK fan, I spend my college football time sitting on the floor at my Uncle’s house piecing together stones and wrapping wire–and occassionally looking up to check the score and watch my boys play.  What can I say?  The ducks inspire me 😉

One of my favorite things about creating my jewelry is that Ben always names my pieces.  And he’s really good at it!  It’s a gift, really.

So, to start, I made these simple mother-of-pearl / glass beauties with a certain peaceful woman in mind:

[Peace In A Pod – Inspired by Cathy.]

Next, the gems that remind me and Ben of our time down under.  After studying in Aotearoa/New Zealand (while Ben was in Australia) we took a road trip together.  These remind us of Elephant Rocks near Waitaki on the South Island of Aotearoa.  They used that space to film The Chronicals of Narnia!


And finally (for now), the piece that makes my heart melt (I seriously love these):


I’m currently researching options to be able to offer my pieces to the world via the world-wide-web (if anyone has any suggestions/info for me, please let me know)!  Plus, if you’re on Maui, my bff Kamaile and I are planning a “clothing swap/jewelry/showcase your talent” evening very soon!  When it comes down to it, we all need to support each other, right? 🙂

Soon to come: More (including delicious recipes and the guidelines for Kanu Hawai’i’s Eat Local Challenge)!


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