Eat Local Challenge: Homemade Mac Nut Butter

Our Champion Juicer is definitely my favorite (and most expensive) kitchen appliance.  Sure we don’t use it very often, but every time we do it amazes us.  I love money well spent.

I’ve been griping during this Eat Local Challenge about not being able to eat my peanut butter (I love peanut butter).  And then yesterday I realized that we do have local nuts in Hawai’i–especially on Maui!  So this morning at the Upcountry Farmer’s Market I got some macadamia nuts with the intent to make mac nut butter out of them.  When I was in Oregon I talked to a guy who makes nut butters for a living and he explained to me that all of his butters include sunflower seeds because 1) they taste great, 2) they’re super nutritious and 3) they add a good amount of oil and create a great texture.  And that is why I decided to include sunflower seeds in my mac nut butter.  Using the homogenizer tool on our Champion made this process so easy it almost feels silly to create a recipe for it.

Homemade Macadamia Nut Butter


  • ~2 c raw (or roasted) unsalted mac nuts
  • ~1/2 c raw (or roasted) unsalted sunflower seeds
  • ~1 tsp Hawaiian salt

Grind everything together using the homogenizer tool on a juicer.

Mix well.

Place into an air-tight container and place in the fridge.

Enjoy! This stuff can be used just like any other nut butter and I look forward to using it with some lilikoi jam in my steel cut oats in the morning!


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