‘Ohana Saturday

I woke up this morning SUPER excited for the upcountry farmer’s market and my long run (5 miles) for the week with Ben.  But thanks to a mid-night centipede ordeal, Ben didn’t get such a restful night.  Since it’d been a long, hectic week since I last spent time with my amazing Momma we decided to move the run to Sunday and have a nice family day instead. 

Of course, we started with the amazing farmer’s market first (if you don’t get there early all the eggs have been sold!).  We wound up getting a loot of veggies, a bunch of young coconuts (I’ve really been craving coconut water lately), fruits and—count em—four avocados (at 50 cents a piece Ben couldn’t resist). 



That garlic was the only thing not local, although the people we got it from shipped it over from their other farm in Washington state.  They’ve been growing that garlic strain for 25 years.  I bought a bulb because 1) most of the garlic we get in Hawai‘i actually comes from other countries and 2) it smelled great!  I’m so excited to cook with it! 

After a successful market trip we headed to our favorite (and Maui’s only little french restaurant—La Provence—in Kula.  Located in a completely unassuming spot across a gas station in the little upcountry town, this place is super quaint and cute with a patio seating area and great little bakery shop inside. 


[they need a little yard maintenance Winking smile, but no fertilizer, please:]


I haven’t been to France yet, but I assume it has the feel of this café.  They’ve got a great assortment of baked goods (and their croissants are—in our opinion—the best on the island).  Their menu doesn’t have an outrageous amount of offerings but what they do have, they make incredibly well. 


I ordered the salmon and spinach eggs benedict with—perfectly cooked—hard eggs (I’m not a huge fan of runny egg yolks) and our table shared croissants.  All three of us raved about our breakfasts/brunches and we left very well satisfied!   


After brunch it was time to drive a few minutes up the road and check out Maui’s very own pumpkin patch!  It was both mom and my first pumpkin patch experience and it did not disappoint.  We were just as excited as all the elementary school-aged kids running around the farm this morning!


While Kula Country Farms is best known on Maui for their luscious strawberries, they also have a corn maze, pumpkin patch and veggie market.  They’re totally leading the way in local, sustainable agriculture (although they’re not necessarily organic). 


[no Kula Country Farms, thank you!]


We were there for pumpkins but there was so much more to see and do!  We U-Picked beautiful fresh strawberries, hung out with horses and goats, learned about bees and shopped at the entirely-local market stand. 


Eventually we got around to choosing our pumpkins Smile.  I am totally looking forward to sharing more pumpkin photos once we all carve our jack-o-lanterns! 


All in all, a wonderful Saturday with the ‘ohana! I’ll leave you with the view from the pumpkin patch.  I’m almost positive our pumpkin patch takes the cake for best view, but let me know if you think you can top this one Winking smile:


How often do you spend time with loved ones?  When was the last time you carved a pumpkin? 


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