Ho’omaika’i Jewelry

I love making jewelry.  You may have noticed.  The dining table hasn’t been the same since I started creating pieces a few months ago.


That’s essentially what our table looks like from Friday afternoon until Monday morning (it just makes it easier for me to access everything between homework assignments/hikes/running).  I only had that one small organization container, so everything else literally got shoved into a bag when it wasn’t being used.  Uuunnttiilll… (cue Superman music!)…


Aww yeah… incredible-multi-layered-portable-organization devices! How I love thee. Thank you for making my (and Ben’s) life so much better!


Now that things aren’t so cluttered, I’m free to create without interference!  And creating I am!

I’ve created quite a few things in the past week (a few of them are top-secret until my soul-sister Alexis receives her special birthday package!).  Ben’s slacking on the names, but they’re a-comin 😉


[Autumn Frost]


[Double Dutch in Fuchsia]


[Around the World]


[Shell Hoops]



I’ve decided that my jewelry is Ho’omaika’i Jewelry.

Ho’omaika’i: to thank, bless, render thanks, congratulate, make acceptable, praise, improve, perfect, correct; grateful, gratified, thankful.  Gratitude.

My hope is to offer unique pieces that bring about joy and healing.  To remind us all that we have countless reasons to be grateful every single day.  And to make everyone feel special, heard, and alive.

I am filled with gratitude as I begin selling these pieces of love.  Because I’m still learning and am not using super high-quality materials, the pieces are affordable (and we can talk about a sliding scale option–because I truly believe that everyone deserves something special).  I am also glad to custom-design if you have something specific in mind.  If you are interested in purchasing anything or setting up a trunk show, please don’t hesitate to contact me via comment or email [haleysrabago@gmail.com].

Hooray for new endeavors!


2 thoughts on “Ho’omaika’i Jewelry

  1. Therese says:

    Congrats! I am so glad you’re starting to sell your pieces! They are BEAUTIFUL!!! An old friend of mine used to make jewelry all the time and used organizers for workshops (like to put your screws and nails and whatnot). They were so handy!

    I’ll definitely have to purchase a few in the near future!

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