After an emotionally-charged post like that, it’s time for some fun!


I’m really not sure who came up with “Jack-o-Lantern” because my pumpkin this year does not look like a Jack at all.

You may remember our ‘ohana trip to Kula Country Farm’s pumpkin patch last weekend.  I’m super excited to show you the final product :).

There was a huge selection of pumpkins in Kula when we went.  We all had different ideas of the “perfect” pumpkin.  Mom’s was small and oblong so that she could carve a fun face, Ben wanted the pumpkin that was most symmetrical–regardless of size, and I just wanted a pumpkin that seemed happy, haha.  Zak (our best friend who has become a brother) wasn’t there, so Ben chose one for him.

I must have wandered around that huge patch for ten minutes before my pumpkin found me 🙂  Everyone’s pumpkin was a different size and shape, which I really love.

The pumpkins sat patiently all week until we had a chance to carve them this weekend.  This was the first pumpkin I’ve carved in years, and I don’t know if it’s my adult strength or genetically modified pumpkins, but I swear it was so much easier than I remember it being.  I don’t remember them having so few seeds, either.

I wanted mine to include all the shapes, so I made what turned out to be a winking girly pumpkin (the eyelashes were a last-minute addition because it looked kind of strange without them).

Since Zak worked during the day, we had two pumpkin photo shoots: the first when Mom, Ben and I carved ours and the second after Z came up to play.

[Mom’s awesome pumpkin.  He’s Japanese, can you tell?  😉 ]

[Mom’s, Ben’s, Haley’s]

[Zak’s pumpkin actually looks spooky]

[Mine glowed (glew? glued?) so bright we pondered what types of pesticides would cause such a thing…]

We ate our roasted pumpkin seeds and made mom send us a picture of her pumpkin from home:

Ben and I have a hard time at Halloween because we don’t encourage children eating a crap-ton (yes, that’s an actual measurement) of sugar, but we like watching all the kids come by with their outfits.  Since kids aren’t allowed to eat home-made treats, that means healthy creations are out of the picture, too.  Hopefully this year the pumpkins will take away some of the disappointment of getting non-candy treats from us (they’ll have an entire pillowcase-full anyway).

Happy [Almost] Halloween!

Do you celebrate Halloween? What do you typically give to the kids?


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