Happy Monday

My brother Darren now lives on Hawai`i island, where he has made a happy home for himself (only he could appreciate the amount of rain and mosquitoes that come with living in the muggy rain forest).  He usually comes home a few times a year (for keiki birthday parties, holidays, and the like).  This weekend he flew home to celebrate the life of his God-father, our Uncle Herb, who passed away.

I am a firm believer in placing people and relationships before all else, so when my brother comes home I tend to drop everything else to spend time with the `ohana [I’m beginning to see a need for a pidgin translation page on my blog…].    It’s almost impossible to not have fun when my brother’s around–he’s one of the biggest goof-balls I’ve ever known.  He’s always watched over me, taken care of me, and understood me like no one else in this world can.  I’m so grateful and fortunate to have him.  Hence the reason I don’t have much prepared for today’s blog.  We went to a funeral and spent most of Saturday indoors (cooking and watching our #1 ranked Oregon Ducks own the Washington huskies), but we also got out and enjoyed paradise!

Rest assured, I have so much to blog about, but there is work to be done and schoolin’ to be schooled.  Until I can get a few posts together, here are a few photos especially for all you U.S. folk, where it’s getting colder.

[A perfect day to be on the south side – sun shining, soft breeze, calm waters…]

[The water was crystal clear…]

[Boys can play with a ball for hours and not get bored!]

“Families are like fudge – mostly sweet with a few nuts.”


Stay tuned… I’ve got many o’ recipe coming your way, including a few from my new bible cookbook (our 1st anniversary present from the parents!),

Kamaile’s nutella-frosted birthday ‘mud pie’,

and the most decadent sugar-and-dairy-free vegan date spice pudding ever (seriously, this has become my new caramel sauce…)

Happy Monday everyone!  Make this week count!


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