New Jewelry

Although I’ve been busy with research (or maybe as a procrastination mechanism), I’ve also been keeping up with my earring creations :).

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination” –Henry David Thoreau

In the true Ho’omaika’i spirit, I started my business endeavors by donating a few of my pieces for silent auction at Maui United Way’s Gala (an incredible experience that I will tell you all about very soon!).  Of course, holiday season is coming up and I am currently working on my etsy site so that I can share my passion with the world wide web!  I’m planning a trunk show with some artist friends near the beginning of December, so keep your ears and eyes open for that!  And, of course, if you’re interested in hosting a trunk show or purchasing anything, please let me know [].  I’d love to set something up [and possibly even offer some of my delicious and nutritious foods!].

Ben has been busy thinking up names for all the new pieces!



with fresh water pearls



with fresh water pearls and coral pieces.


[Haleakala Sunrise]


[Drop Mauna Kea]






[Mardi Gras – strobe]


[Peace and Love]

with fresh water pearls and amazonite gemstones.


[Light Green + Black gemstone Harmony]


[If You Please]


[Purple Shell Loop-de-Loops]

Also, I sent my SP bestie Alexis her birthday earrings (so last month!).  I wanted to show you guys the pieces this very special woman – who has absolutely changed my world – inspired:



[Mauna Kea]

And, the earrings that just scream Alex!:


[Double Dutch – Alex]


You can see more of my jewelry on the Jewelry tab.  For inquiries, please contact me at


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