Weekend Recap

It was a wonderful weekend in paradise!  I had a rough time staying inside the whole time to work on schoolwork, but it was necessary.  I have to get stuff done so that I can actually enjoy myself during our family vaca – Hawai’i island with the ‘ohana!

It’s incredible how much time grad school takes up.  I had an entire list of to-dos this weekend and spent 90% of my time writing two paper drafts (I haven’t even touched the other two yet!).  At least I got that research and writing done, though!  

The other 10% of my weekend was spent in the following ways:

5% eating.  Have I told you guys how I eat non-stop when I’m stressed/on a deadline?  IMG_3947

[Garden burger smothered in sautéed veggies and avocado]


[Kashi’s 7 grain pilaf with chard]


[salmon, feta, and avo fish taco]


[Picked some starfruit from the tree and had some fresh as well as in juice form]

I also got around to making a few recipes (which will be posted asap! Smile), helped out some good friends by watching the adorable baby Addi so they could rest,


helped the hubby photograph the ridiculous condition of our deck (and then figure out how to fix it),


and made it to a yogi-spin class (details to come, for sure!).IMG_4021

I did not make it out for my 7.5 mile run (and am not sure I’ll be able to run 8.6 this Friday Disappointed smile) nor did I get around to cleaning the house, making jewelry, or posting more stuff on etsy.  I did make it to Harry Potter 7.0 on Saturday night (mostly because Ben asked and I felt horrible because I had neglected him all day to get stuff done)!  I’m a huge Potter-head and really liked the movie—even if it’s super dark—but I can’t believe they split it into two movies and that I have to wait another year to see the next one! 

This week is going to be a whirlwind of activity at work and school – but short and sweet!  Rest assured, I will have many o’ stories to be told within the next few days.  Stay tuned! 


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