Om Maui Yogi Spin Class

Chances are, if you live in Pukalani (or come through Pukalani at all), you’ve seen this sign on the road between the Old and New Haleakala Highways:


Becca Jakeway, a friend and high school classmate, opened the doors to the beautiful Om Maui Studio a few months ago.  Life has gotten so busy that I kept breaking my promise to go take a class there – until this past weekend.  Becca is such an inspiration to me – she’s a full-on local girl who has travelled the world and created an adventurous, fit life for herself.  She’s a world-renowned stand-up paddler and is true to her fun-loving, energetic roots.  She thinks globally without forgetting where she came from and is working for the good of our community.

Combine my love for Becca with my love for fitness and the fact that I live about 3 minutes away, and it’s absolutely mind-boggling that it took me so long to visit her studio.



Om Maui is upstairs in this brand new, beautiful building.  I’m glad I made it to the studio on a Sunday because there’s not much parking.  I’m not sure what they have planned for overflow parking, but I have seen people double-parked when I pass by and Zumba is being offered.  On the bright side, I’m hoping not to drive to the studio very often because it’s so close to the house that I could run/walk/bike!


Once upstairs, the space opens up to the front desk and a great boutique, complete with jewelry and super cute Brazilian workout gear and bikinis (seriously, I wanted to buy everything).


I was there for the Yogi-Spin class (45 minutes of Spinning followed by 45 minutes of yoga). They have weekly and monthly passes, multiple-class passes, and single class passes.  Om Maui has a great selection of unique offerings, including Brazilian Butt classes and om Circuit Training!  Unfortunately, the majority (all but three) of the classes offered are during the work week (mostly between the hours of 8:15am and 6pm, while I’m at work and school), so I decided on the $15 single class (but will definitely get a pass once I have more time).

[Also, as a side-note, you should know that Becca is taking recommendations for class-times (6 am Flow/Spin, anyone?) and is willing to try a new time slot if she can get at least three people to commit to the time.]

Once I paid for the class, I ventured into the spacious – and uber well-equipped – studio! This place is stocked with great exercise gear from yoga mats, blankets, straps, and bolsters, to high-tech (read: calorie-counting) Spinning bikes, to weights, to specialized gear for her one-of-a-kind classes.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t capture all the greatness in photos because Becca herself wasn’t there and I could feel the other people staring at me (why is she covered in sweat and standing in the corner taking photos?).



[I took these photos after we finished class so everything was out of its place, but it gives you a good idea of the space.]

So, my review of Om Maui?

The Studio = awesome!

First and foremost, it’s run by a local woman – a double plus for me! The space is clean, open, and spacious and stocked with great gear.  Cost-wise, Om Maui’s prices aren’t outrageous like some other studios on island and they offer packages.  There are unique offerings, and they’re open to (and actually plan on implementing!) customer  input.  It is so nice to finally have a studio in Pukalani (within walking distance, even)!

I can’t wait to take a class with my girl Becca one of these days.  She always kicks my butt into shape.

The class itself = good.

One thing I really enjoy about Spinning is that I can control the intensity.  I had expected a flow-type yoga after spin, but it turned out to be restorative yoga (which turned out to be a big plus because it felt great after a good spin).  I really liked the high-tech bikes and space, but I wasn’t so impressed by the particular teacher (which is totally a personal opinion).  And, although they have a surround-sound system, the instructor had to keep turning the volume down and up when she needed to talk.  Finally, as we laid down for shavasana, relaxing aromatic eye-pillows were placed on our faces (big plus!).  Unfortunately, a Zumba class started next door and made relaxing a bit more challenging.

Overall, I love the Om Maui Studio and cannot wait to try out all of their offerings!  It’s so nice to have such a wonderful studio in my neck of the woods.


Although Becca is a friend of mine, she did not ask me to write this review of her studio.  As always, everything written on greenplatedinners is my own personal opinion written with integrity and honesty.

Have you been to Om Maui yet? Do you have a favorite studio?


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