Thanksgiving Teaser

Thanksgiving on Hawai’i Island was definitely one to remember!  I have so much to show and tell you all about – including waterfalls, lava tubes, rain forests [emphasis on rain], ocean, ‘ohana, and recipes! – as soon as I get a chance.

This past weekend was the starting point for my race with time. We just got in from Hilo this morning (about an hour ago) and there is much to be done this week:

  1. It’s my grad school “finals” week – I have three classes, two huge papers and a presentation due by Thursday (I need to start and finish them…)
  2. I’m working full-time this week and teach TurboKick twice  – but hopefully I can change that and get a day off, because
  3. Ben’s parents come in on Wednesday night
  4. Civil War [University of Oregon vs. Oregon State University] is on Saturday
  5. We’ll be hosting our annual Chanukah party Saturday night (so long as the deck is fixed by then)
  6. I’ll be selling jewelry that night, which means I need to make jewelry at some point during this crazy week

See where I’m coming from?  It may be a little while before I can sit down and write out a detailed blog, but I hope to give you guys small snippets of the phenomenal weekend as the week progresses.

For now, I leave you with a photo of what we ate all weekend long. My brother caught a mahimahi for our Thanksgiving dinner, since we don’t eat much meat.  We had a huge mahi, massive uhu, and good sized ahi and aku for the weekend (I’d tell you the english names for those fish but I honestly don’t know them).  It was a lot of fish and I think we’re all fished out for a while.

Looking forward to showing you all the adventures we had!  Stay tuned… 🙂


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