Sun-Dried Clothes and Goat Milk Cheddar

I honestly can’t begin to tell you how nice it has been to have a break!  Since the weather’s been pretty funky lately, Ben and I spent the day cleaning the house yesterday (which was well needed!).  Our busy schedules just don’t allow for us to spend as much time cleaning as we’d like anymore.  And although we kept the house seemingly clean on the surface, things were getting misplaced and unorganized.  We came away with about 6 garbage bags of donations for our local agencies (we love to purge!) and found a few presents for loved ones (things that we totally forgot we even had).  Success!

We also did a few loads of laundry yesterday.  One of the aspects of living a simple life for me is hang-drying our clothes (because in a place like Hawai`i why wouldn’t we use a natural resource like the sun??). Unfortunately, when it rains, that means our clothes either 1) sit in the wash until the sun decides to shine again, 2) hang on the line until the sun decides to dry again, or 3) get placed all around the house for days until they’re finally dry enough to put away.  This time around we’re stuck with clothes hanging on the line Thinking smile.  Ahh well, even so, I still think the perks of living without a dryer outweigh the costs.

Between the loads of laundry, trash and donation trips up and down the driveway, and organizing the entire closet (not an easy feat), Ben and I suddenly realized we were ravenous. I’ve been really surprised at how good I’ve been with nutrition for the past few days. I was a bit worried about over-indulging during the break because I do really well with structure (I eat 5 small meals a day while at the office) and tend to feel extra hungry if I’m around the house.  Through tracking my calories I’ve found that, on weekends, my calorie intake is significantly higher than during the week – which is usually evened out by more activity, but still.

The past few days I’ve been right on target!  And I forgot how nice it is to eat hot food right off the stove/out of the oven!  My crazy schedule has led me to cook food for the next day, which means most of the time I’m eating leftovers.

But I digress.  We checked the fridge to see what we had and then decided to make the same thing we had after our Waihou Springs hike the day before – these awesome goat cheddar cheese veggieburgers.  Ben found this goat cheddar at Mana Foods last week, and—since our bodies don’t really like cow dairy—we were stoked to try it out (we love goat chevre!).  I honestly didn’t think it could be as delicious as it is!  It has the incredible goat cheese smell and tanginess, but melts just like cheddar!  Even Mom and Zak were impressed (although they may have thought it was cow cheese).  We’re hooked!  Open-mouthed smile


We toasted a few veggie burgers and then placed some goat cheddar on them for the last few minutes, got all our toppings ready (including homemade baba ghanouj!), and dug in!


I had mine open-faced with a heaping handful of spinach, baba ghanouj, and a splash of pickapeppa.


I think it’s safe to say that I will never need cow for my cheeseburgers ever again.

How do you feel about non-cow cheese?


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