Green Plate Dinners Dot Com


“Take action on your thoughts and ideas” – my 2011 motto.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I now have my own website.  No big deal Open-mouthed smile.

Actually, for me, it is a big deal.  When I started Green Plate Dinners a few months ago, I decided against buying the domain name because I wasn’t sure what to expect and wanted to see if I could write anything worthwhile first.  Although it’s a mere $17, I didn’t believe in my writing abilities enough to take that leap just yet. 

Comments from friends, family, and community members have given me faith in my writing abilities and continue to encourage me to stick with my passions.  I love that, by simply being me, I am helping others and offering inspiration. 

More than that, though, I am finding that Green Plate Dinners is changing me – expanding my horizons and teaching me self-confidence (among other things).  I have come to realize that GPD is a significant stepping stone on my life’s path.

“Growth means change and change involves risk, stepping from the known to the unknown.”

As I wrote in my journal yesterday I thought about my frustrations with working within the boundaries of an office.  The way the air conditioning makes my throat itchy and my head groggy.  I scribbled down aspirations (to travel, create, and help others) and thought about creating space for those passions and dreams to grow. 

And then I wrote, “I should really just buy  It’d be way easier for me to write out and for others to remember.”

So I did.

To give the whole writing concept room to mature into whatever it becomes.  To nurture my artist.  And to prove to myself that I believe in my own abilities.  [Do you get how profound that concept is?  This is me saying, “I’ve got talent and I know it” and “whatever it is I dream of creating for myself is possible because I am now IN – 100 percent”!]

I also bought the domain because I want to continue to help others by offering support, guidance, and inspiration.  I want to watch my readers grow and create the lives they desire for themselves. 

Plus, I think it’s pretty cool to have my own little spot on the world wide web Winking smile.

I am so excited to 1) stop having to write out such a long web address, 2) commit to my writing and YOU, and 3) continue to learn and grow! 

Thank you for allowing me to speak [or type] my truth.  The process continues to bring healing and growth, and I know that is what life is all about. 


7 thoughts on “Green Plate Dinners Dot Com

  1. sanoe kaaihue says:

    SO proud of you Haley! So when can we start subscribing to your new site?? I’m totally excited! Every blog I’ve read of yours has helped to banish some internal issues I’ve had these past few months. Keep up the good work…and I look forward to bigger and better things in the future from you 🙂

    • greenplatedinners says:

      I can’t tell you how much that meant to me, Sanoe [I cried, I’m not gonna lie]. ❤ Thank you for being such an amazing friend and continuing to support me through all of this. You are WONDERFUL!

    • greenplatedinners says:

      Oh, and I almost forgot: you don’t need to resubscribe if you’re already subscribed 🙂 WordPress makes it super easy for me and whenever you go to the old site it just automatically reroutes you!

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