Hiatus Recap

I’m getting ready to plunge into my second semester of full-time grad school [and have to keep reminding myself that one day this will have all been worth it].  Last semester was my transition semester: difficult and unexpected.  I took it day by day and hung on for the ride.  This semester I have a better understanding of what I’ll be doing, I’ve made friends with my classmates and know that I have support, and one of my classes will be taken via the internet [which means that I only have to physically be at school two nights a week]!  I’m pretty excited.

But before I dive back into the crazy busy, scatter-brained, ‘what-did-I-come-into-the-kitchen-for-again?’ lifestyle, I’d like to share a bit about what I did during my infamous two-week hiatus from work/school.

  • I let my body wake itself up. The sun still rises relatively early during the winter in Hawai`i (we’re so close to the equator that daylight savings time is unnecessary), which meant that I was typically up at around 7 am :).

[Sunrise over Maui’s east side – coincidentally the only day of my vacation where I had to use an alarm.]

  • I had lots of Ben time! I’m often told how amazing/disgusting it is that Ben and I are so madly in love with one another.  We needed time to reconnect and explore the world together again.

  • I read books I actually wanted to read [none of this textbook nonsense]:

Born to run has changed my perspective on running.  I first heard of it from my cousin-in-law Jamie, who said it was teaching her all kinds of stuff about the way she runs.  The day I picked it up, a friend of mine saw it and asked, “did you get those barefoot shoes?”  I had no idea what she was talking about.  It turns out this book is one of the biggest advocates of barefoot running (who knew?).  I also really liked Christopher McDougall’s style of writing – lively and interesting from the very first line!  Lately I’ve been asking every healer I know what they think of running, and running barefoot.  I’m thinking that since I’m really comfortable being barefoot to begin with (we used to do everything barefoot as kids – we’re in Hawai`i!), it’s worth checking out.  I’ll let you all know if I end up picking up a pair of Vibram FiveFingers.


My in-laws let us borrow this book a while ago with high recommendation.  I’m only about a quarter of the way through, but I really enjoy the writing and the storyline so far.  It’s really interesting for me to know so much about mental issues and read something like this.  I hope I can finish it before life gets hectic again because Ben says it just keeps getting better as you read!

  • I watched a lot of movies. Ben and I don’t have a television (nor do we want one), but we do have Netflix, and there are a few shows we watch from the internet.  I honestly never had the time or energy to keep up with entertainment last semester, so we had lots of catching up to do.

We loved Mary and Max!  The claymation was out-of-this-world good and the story was touching (it was based on a true story).  Both Ben and I majored in Psychology in college – Ben going on to get his teaching degree in Special Education (he works with elementary kids right now) – so the movie sparked a great conversation about mental “illness” for us. We also talked for quite a while about how the heck the dudes from “Harvie Krumpet” made the film so incredibly detailed!  Amazing.

Ben and I saw a couple of films at Maui Film Festival‘s First Light series, which always brings such amazing movies to Maui.

Waste Land was by far the best movie I’ve seen all year (Ben agrees!).  I had never heard of Vik Muniz before watching Waste Land, but his huge heart, incredible talent, vision and passion changed the life of many (us included) through this documentary.  The film takes you on a journey as Vik, a well-known artist originally from Brasil, goes back to his home country to create art at the world’s largest garbage dump.  The people you meet and the growth that happens thoroughout the film is inspirational, to say the least.

Of course, with the Film Fest series we went to see the hugely anticipated and acclaimed Black Swan.  But to be honest, I was expecting a lot more from the film.  I was expecting something life-changing and more powerful… and although the acting was incredible and there were some great scenes, I didn’t feel like it lived up to the massive amount of hype it was getting.  Also, I’m  not so much a fan of feeling like I’m having heart palpitations for two hours straight – but maybe that’s what they were going for (?).

In any case, I’ve heard some great things about the movie, but personally I was a bit disappointed.

We also got caught up with Dexter (meaning we watched the entire fifth season in two weeks).  I won’t go into details suffice two things: 1) I wasn’t sure where the heck they were gonna take us after last season’s finale, + 2) definite heart palpitations !

  • I cooked. I miss cooking when school’s in session.  So I got my fill by making lots of great food (includinga trio of healthy cookies!)

[Delicioso curried lentils and veggies!]

  • I ventured. With friends and family and alone.

  • I made a vision board. My vision boards remind me of my intentions and what I want to manifest.  I place my most current vision board above my jewelry tree in my bedroom so that I’ll see it every morning and make conscious choices to live the life I want for myself

[I made this board the day I injured my back.  I was in lots of pain in this photo 😦 ]

  • I got some quality ‘ohana time! My big brother came home for the holidays!  Have I mentioned how much I absolutely adore my family?  They freakin rock!

[We successfully fit six people into a photo booth at the movie theatre!]

  • I napped. Seriously, the world would be a better place if we were all allowed time to nap every day (I am the biggest nap advocate you will ever meet).  Why does the school system teach us to nap as kids and then revoke the right so soon, anyway?

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to rejuvenate and am ready to take on this coming semester with excitement and balance!

What do (or would) you do with an open schedule? When was the last time you napped?


5 thoughts on “Hiatus Recap

  1. Therese says:

    Good luck with the new semester! I’m very much looking forward to mine being over, I need a break!

    LOVED Mary & Max, I watched it on a lark one afternoon and was so impressed!

    Saw Black Swan on Saturday and loved the storyline, thought it was fantastic but I’m biased but I don’t think I’ve seen a Darren Aronofsky film I didn’t like! But I also agree with the above poster, if you haven’t see 127 Hours, see it! I just bought the book this weekend, lots of deep breathing and it took me ten minutes to calm down after the movie but it was worth it! Amazing film!

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