Creative Shift

Dear Professor,

I have a prior engagement.  I will be about an hour late to class.  I apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to getting to know you this semester.

Aloha, Haley

Last night’s BCS game was well worth the first hour of Social Work and the Law.  We had major rain yesterday and the satellite at the bar we were at kept having to search for a signal.  After two quarters of sketchy coverage, we went up to our friend Zak’s house to watch the end of the game.It was by far the best game I’ve seen all season!  And quite honestly, it really came down to who had possession of the ball last.  Unfortunately for Oregon, it was Auburn.  But really, it could have easily gone either way!  Still: GO DUCKS!

I didn’t have much time to mourn because I had to book it to class as soon as possible.

I love football, but with the BCS bowl being so late, this season felt extraordinarily long.

And now that the season is done, I can focus on other things again.

Enter: new jewelry! 🙂

I have an Auntie who used to make amazing jewelry, but hasn’t actually created anything for a few years.  This past week, she called to tell me she was gifting all her beads to me!  She color-coordinated everything and handed over two big tupperware bins full of shiny waiting-to-be-played-with pieces!  Add to that the fact that my gemstone shipment came in, and you can imagine how much I feel like a kid in a candy shop!

This weekend I finally got back to creation mode! I’m so excited about all the new stuff that I’m going to post them now, and as soon as Ben names them, I’ll update the Jewelry page!

The first pieces are simple gemstones and part of the Hāʻule, or Loop-de-Loop, series:


[Aquamarine Briolettes + Silver]

IMG_5057[Bright Blue Briolettes + Silver]

I also made a few pieces for the Koru Collection, which showcase intricate wire-wrapping work over gorgeous natural gemstones.


The next pieces are part of the Laina, or dangles, series.  They include gemstones and/or briolettes.

IMG_5042[Laina in Simple Amethyst]


[Cracked Glass Globes with Aquamarine]


[Tiger’s Eye Gemstones and Leaves]


[Aquamarine briolettes with frosted leaves]

Are you experiencing any shifts in your life?  Have you been creating lately?

Aloha Pumehana. Whether you’re here to find balance, wholesome recipes or inspiration, I hope you enjoy the posts.  Please subscribe to Green Plate Dinners to receive automatic updates and be the first to read new posts!


2 thoughts on “Creative Shift

  1. culturalcravings says:

    Well, the shift in my life starts next week. I start grad school!

    And sadly I haven’t been creating lately. I took a brief hiatus before school started with the intention of painting these weeks, but I ended up catching up with people and relaxing instead. Not a bad thing, but I had really wanted to get more painting in then I did. Now the next thing is figuring out how to combine painting and grad school!

    P.s.- this is Katie ( I used to comment with my url I just got back into my blog today…i guess that counts as creating!)

    • greenplatedinners says:

      Hey Katie! I’m SO proud of you for creating via blog =) good for you (and yes, it definitely counts)!

      I can’t wait to hear more about your grad school experience… congrats! Huge shifts are coming your way =)

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