Flash Boom Crash!

Remember my post about a crazy thunder storm a few weeks back?  It was an intense, one-night-only storm that disappeared by morning.

Well, Maui is experiencing another thunder storm. But this time it’s lingering.  It started yesterday, when we moved from Flash Flood Advisory to Flash Flood Warning and Flooding Warning.  The island got pummeled by rain – and blasted by gusts of wind up to 60 mph – all day long (my office was without power twice; the second time put us at a stand still for more than half an hour).

During last night’s class, our distance education signal kept coming in and out, which made for an interesting class.  Then I drove home in the pouring rain [the kind where your wipers are at their highest setting and you still can’t see through the windshield nor see the lines on the road] white-knuckled at 10 pm – hydroplaning over a huge puddle.

The thunder and lightning have been incredible!  We were woken up multiple times throughout the night with deafening cracks of thunder and lightning that lit up the entire house for seconds.


Someone from the U.S. recently asked what a winter storm looks like in Hawai`i (we don’t get snow, so what do we get?).  Well, this is what we get.  Because Hawai`i is the most isolated nation in the world, we never really know what’s coming until it’s about to hit. With weather patterns randomly shifting over the Pacific, storms are hit or miss (literally) for us.  When they do hit, it feels like a small hurricane – strong winds, heavy rain, thunder and lightening.  But because our islands are so small, it’s rare that storms last for more than 24 hours.

Which is why I’m so amazed that the rain is still falling from the sky in buckets – creating floods and rock slides, and taking down trees all across the island.

maui radar

Looks like Maui’s gonna be in the rain for a bit.

Unfortunately, even with multiple road closures and a few school closures, I’m technically still required to make the 30 minute drive into the valley (where I’m sure it’s flooded) and go to work – what is wrong with this picture?!?  After last night’s hydroplaning and blind driving, I’m still trying to get up the guts to do that route again.  I wish the state would just give us the equivalent of a ‘snow day’ so that I could relax rather than stress out about the impending drive and inevitable power outages that await me once I get to work.

Stay safe, dry and warm everyone!

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods? I know it’s been pretty crazy everywhere lately!


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