Elvin Wraps

One of my usual items at the farmer’s market each weekend is dark leafy greens (cause they’re great for you and grow well year-round here).  I usually get a couple of bunches of kale or chard and make greens + grains or kale chips, but this weekend I came across something different.


Looks like chard, right?  My buddy from Kupa`a Farms informed me that, although this leafy green looks just like chard, it actually isn’t (although google says otherwise) – it’s perpetual spinach leaf beet.  Apparently it’s got the same properties and benefits chard has with no relation to spinach or beets (yeah.  I was just as confused).  The nice gentleman did, however, give us a great idea for sweet potato-stuffed leafy greens that I had to try for myself.

The recipe is very simple and only requires a handful of ingredients. I think it’s the simplicity that makes it oh-so-delicious.

Ben and I couldn’t help but notice how much this dish resembles Lord of the Rings food (Elvin food?).  Oh, and for all intensive purposes, this dark leafy green is chard.  If you’ve never heard of it or don’t want to look for it, don’t worry – I don’t blame you.  Use chard.  I promise it’ll come out just as great!


Elvin Wraps


  • 1 bunch spinach leaf beet greens or chard
  • 3 medium-sized sweet potatoes [I used Okinawan sweets]
  • ~1/4 c tahini [add more/less to your liking]
  • salt/pepper to taste
  • sprinkle of sesame seeds

Boil sweet potatoes in a pot until tender.

In the meantime, wash greens – place five of the largest/in tact leaves aside and chop the rest.

Once the sweet potatoes are soft, add tahini, salt and pepper and mash until blended/smooth to your liking.


Add in chopped greens, cover and place over low heat until the greens have wilted.

Mix the chopped greens and potatoes, then set aside.

De-stalk the five full leaves by gently removing the last six inches of stem on the backside using a paring knife:


Spoon 1/5 of the potato mixture into a leaf, then roll by bringing in both sides of the leaf inward and rolling from the filled side to the thin side of the leaf.  Continue with the other four rolls.

IMG_5088Using a serrated knife, cut each roll into cylinders and top with sesame seeds.



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