Sheer Excitement!

I really was planning on waiting to unveil these until my back healed and I got to try them out a bit more, but I just can’t contain my excitement any longer!

After reading Born to Run, Ben and I decided to make a certain purchase. 🙂

We didn’t have to wait long at all (and thank goodness for that, because I’ve been like an impatient kid before Christmas lately)!  Yesterday we got our Happy Monday gifts!!


We were both so excited that we ripped open the packaging in record time and raced each other to see who could get their toes in first!

That’s right, we got Vibram fivefingers!

IMG_5140I never really thought much about the ‘barefoot’ concept until reading Born to Run, but it really resonates with me:

  • We were born with everything we need.
  • Adding a bunch of cushion and controlling foot pronation is something that only came about after Nike started creating shoes, and it turns out it creates a running gait that isn’t natural for us.
  • Indigenous cultures – including those of my ancestors – roam around either barefoot or with minimal foot coverage.
  • Sensations received from going barefoot help people with leg, knee, and foot issues.

But here’s the biggest reason the concept resonates with me: I was raised barefoot. When we went camping, my cousins and I would walk around our camp without slippahs (like Locals) because it made it easier to jump into the water whenever we wanted.  We’d walk, run, or skip over grass, mud, pavement, dirt, sand, stones, etc. [which explains why we all have wide, flat feet that can handle just about anything].  When I went to college my U.S. friends laughed at my walking around the halls barefoot (“why would I ever have a fear of stepping on glass?”), and I honestly can’t help but kick off my shoes while playing on grass (even in Oregon, where mud was inevitable 90% of the time).  We’ve always taken off our shoes indoors, too, so I’m more than comfortable being barefoot.

Because my feet are so wide, I was really anxious to see whether a women’s 39 would fit alright (I tend to need wide sizes).  As it turns out, they fit perfectly!  The straps are adjustable so I can make them as loose-fitting/tight as I like.


[Also, on a side note: I must have gotten my big toe from my Portuguese side because it’s “normal” sized, while my other toes took all the Japanese genes and are short and stubby.  My second, third, + fourth toes don’t even fill up half the space the shoe offers, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect on the functionality of the shoe at all.]

I’m so stoked on these!  Ben and I took out the trash and walked around the property to do a little test (we aren’t afraid to get them dirty at all because they’re machine washable and made of antimicrobial microfiber)!


I was expecting it to be just like walking barefoot, but was pleasantly surprised with the amount of support these offer! They’re so lightweight and comfy that I forgot I had them on. 🙂

Ben likes his too, although the color isn’t ideal for him (the site was out of everything else in his size when we ordered). 😦  He has narrow feet that are used to being housed in shoes, though, so one of his pinky toes needs to adjust to being so far from his other toes.


We love these so much that we spent the rest of the night around the house in them!  We’re going to slowly ease into our Vibrams by walking, playing in the park, and going for short treks, and then try to see what it feels like to jog in them (on grass/sand, of course!).

I want to see how my body reacts to barefoot jogging (especially after this back injury) before I plan any runs in them (have I told you guys about the guy without any shoes who whizzed past me with his dog during the Lake Union 10K?).


I will definitely keep you all in the loop on the process!
How do you feel about being barefoot/barefoot running? Do you have Vibrams?

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15 thoughts on “Sheer Excitement!

  1. Momma says:

    OMG those are super cute!!! I’ll be curious to hear how they are for running 🙂 I’ve seen more and more people with them on!

  2. sanoe kaaihue says:

    I’ve read about these! I really wanted to try them. I find running barefoot is a lot more comfortable…I don’t think I spent a lot of my childhood with shoes on…my kids included also. Gotta get these!

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