Chocolate Immunity

I am seriously no good at being sick. In fact, my hubby had to talk me out of declaring 2011 my year of dis-ease by reminding me that it’s only the beginning of February this morning.  For real though, between the horrendous cold I caught Sunday and my January 1st back injury, I’m two-for-two.

I had absolutely no energy yesterday (I couldn’t decipher emails and even talking was too difficult), and spent most of the day in bed with massive amounts of tea and herbs – it’s a miracle my Motivational Monday post made it out!  I woke this morning (after another night of 10+ hours of rest) thinking I felt better.  Standing upright for more than five minutes proved me wrong, and I laid back in bed for the morning.  I’d still be in bed were it not for the TurboKick class I have to teach today (I’m up to teaching 3x per week and Tuesday’s class has been the most popular!).  I don’t like to take western medicine very often, but today called for some Advil.  And I’ve been drinking coconut water like it’s going out of style.  We’ll see how long I make it…

You can probably tell that I’m the biggest whiner in the world when I’m sick.  But you wanna know the worst part about being sick this time? I brought it about.  Ben caught something last week and was down for the count on Wednesday; then my boss (who shares a small space with me) caught something and stayed home from work on Thursday.  I knew it was coming and I formed a barrier of echinacea, astragalus, and wellness herbs.   I knew my immune system was being threatened.

On Saturday, I went to a few art shows with my mom and ate all kinds of crap – cupcakes, ice cream, brownies, cheese and crackers [I don’t usually eat any of these things but I wanted to treat myself before we started our Game On challenge Monday].

Big mistake, Miss Haley.

I immediately felt horrible.  I knew my immune system was in high-risk mode and I took myself overboard.  I did it to myself.

Ah well.  It’s a good thing my brilliant body has the capabilities to heal itself, right?  😉

With all that said, I figured it would be pretty ironic to post the dark chocolate coating recipe for the macaroons I told you all about today.  Made without refined sugar, this is more like what I should have been eating this weekend (the cupcakes were delicious but so not worth the pain I’m feeling now).  These got the approval of family and friends alike, including friends who don’t even like coconut or dark chocolate!

You’ll want to start by making these ridiculously good macaroons (click for recipe), but you could use this coating for anything, really… pretzels, marshmallows, animal crackers, fingers…

The ‘recipe’ is versatile.  I used 100% dark chocolate as a base [mostly because I saw it in the store and found it intimidating, so I bought it].  This is completely unsweetened chocolate, so I added a bit of maple syrup (you could use agave or raw sugar.  If you’re starting with sweeter chocolate, you may choose not to add any more sugar.  Lastly, what makes it all hold is the coconut butter – coconut butter solidifies when cold.


Vegan Dark Chocolate Coating


  • 3 blocks Ghirardelli 100% dark chocolate
  • 1 Tbsp maple syrup
  • 2 Tbsp coconut butter

Cut a piece of wax paper and place on your work station.

Create a double-boiler by boiling water in a pot, then turning the heat to low and placing a bowl over the boiling water.

Place all ingredients into the top bowl and stir until everything is melted (add more/less of each ingredient as desired).

Dip macaroon/cookie/finger/etc. into dark chocolate, then place it onto the wax paper.

Refrigerate for at least an hour, to set.

Enjoy! Keep refrigerated until you devour these bad boys.


Oh, and when you make these, please don’t over-indulge if your immune system is at risk. 😦

Wishing you all happiness and health today!

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