My First Barefoot Hike

Happy Monday!

Between being sick and having to step up while the boss is out of town, this past week has been quite the whirlwind.  Life is beautiful chaos, though, isn’t it?

We welcomed Brendan, one of our best friends, and his mom Kay to the island on Saturday! Brendan was one of the five amazing men I lived with during our senior year of college in Eugene, and–although we haven’t seen each other in over three years–he’s easily one of my favorite people in this entire world.  He and his mom are here for about a week, and we’re lucky to have him stay with us!!

On Saturday night we went out for sushi at Sansei’s Seafood restaurant in Kihei.  We opted for the Chef’s Award-Winner Tasting Menu (which I seriously recommend!), and left super happy and full. 🙂  After dinner we met up with some friends for drinks and dancing!  I never go out, so this was a momentous occasion.

[Front row: My Momma and me (Kay went to bed early).  Back: Zak, Brendan, and Ben.  Four of the six roommies reunited!]

After getting home late from drinks and dancing, we were up bright and early Sunday morning.  I made the boys some PBB french toast and we headed out.  Our mission: The Bamboo Forest.


It was a bit overcast yesterday, but still beautiful nonetheless.  Brendan and his mom are big on hiking and we were all excited to get out of the house.  Ben and I decided on wearing our Vibram FiveFingers because they’re apparently great for hiking as well as running (you can read about my first barefoot running experience here).  There’s a lot of rock-hopping and walking on dirt at the Bamboo Forest, but it’s also got a few spots to wade through, so we figured it’d be the perfect hike to try them on.


There was lots of mud yesterday.  The ponds and rivers were brown due to heavy rainfall recently, but we all took our time and enjoyed exploring together.


I have one thing to say about Brendan’s mom, Auntie Kay: SHE ROCKS. Seriously, I hope I’ll be capable of scaling mossy rocks and climbing waterfalls in paradise when I get to be her age.

IMG_5338She amazed all of us by going much farther than any of the other parents have ever gone!

IMG_5343[And in simple slippers, nonetheless!]

To be honest, I think Ben and I were the happiest of everyone with our choice of footwear yesterday. Scaling slippery rocks was no issue for us – I didn’t slip once the entire way up!  My feet felt fine on the way up, but were more tender on the way down (probably because I was putting more pressure on them).  Ben, who didn’t grow up rock-hopping barefoot, said that his feet felt “sore, but not in a bad way” the entire hike.

IMG_5356There comes a point in the hike when you have to jump into the water and swim about 80 yards in frigid water–then scale a waterfall–to get to the final destination (which explains why I don’t have any photos of the final spot).  Auntie Kay insisted we take this photo to prove that we had all done it:

IMG_5347[I love my gorilla pod!]

One of the best parts about these shoes is that they dry really quickly and were easy to swim in (even for someone like me, who doesn’t believe in swimming in shoes).

The hike is no longer than about 5 miles or so round trip (that is a total guesstimate).  And as always, the way back is much quicker and easier – although I do have to admit that I slipped a couple of times while I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.  My left knee was a little achy by the end (Ben said his ankle was as well), but aside from that I felt GREAT.

Here are a few more photos of a day well-spent (click to enlarge):


We got home and had a great BBQ dinner.  I was so exhausted last night that I zonked out before all the guests even left my house.

This morning, Ben and I talked about how both of our backs feel like they had a workout yesterday (all the impact from the walk down?).  I really should have stretched because I had a few cramps during the night.  And he said that his feet were full of sensation once he got off of them last night.  The way our bodies take in sensory information is truly incredible and we will definitely be using our Vibrams for hiking from now on!

Was your Sunday well-spent? What’s your favorite hiking shoe?

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4 thoughts on “My First Barefoot Hike

  1. Katie says:

    Sunday? I picked up an extra day at work to make extra money, and the day flew by. I then had a fantastic dinner with my boyfriend at one of our favorite greek restaurants in the city, and it was SUCH a lovely evening.

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