Antioxidant Testing

First and foremost, I have to say a very special Hau`oli La Hanau [happy birthday] to Auntie Kay!  She’s the woman responsible for bringing one of my best friends, Brendan, into this world.  She’s here on vacation with Brendan, and she is freaking amazing (remember when I told you about her mad waterfall-scaling, ladder-climbing, and rock-jumping skills?).  Well–I hope she doesn’t mind me telling you all this–she’s 71 years old today!!!  Can you believe that?!  I truly hope I have her enthusiasm and zest for life when I’m 71!

Alright, this is going to seem super random (and it was), but before we all headed out on that epic hike with Auntie Kay this past weekend, we took an antioxidant scan at my Mom’s house.  One of her friends sells products for healthy skin and came over to tell Mom all about it.  We came by to pick up Auntie Kay and were somehow roped into taking the tests ourselves.

The concept is that, the more antioxidants you have in your body, the healthier you are – the better able you are to fight off the bad stuff in your body, rejuvenate cells quicker, and fight disease.  We were all nervous to do it because we had all stayed out late the night before drinking and dancing, but my Mom’s friend explained that what we ate and did within the last day isn’t much of an influence.  The scan is more of an overall picture of your health from the way you’ve been treating your body.

IMG_5328Mom’s friend is the only person on the island of Maui with this antioxidant testing device.  She puts in all your information [weight, age, etc.] and then you place your hand on the side for a minute or so.  Then her computer tells you what your score is.  She gave all of us cards with our personal score – the red section [starting at 10,000] is the lowest and the blue section is highest [ending at 50,000].

Mom went first and scored just at the brink of orange – 20,000.  While she was waiting to find out her score, we were all taking bets.  I won, although we were all pretty shocked to see how low she was since she’s significantly changed her diet lately and has been eating really well.


Ben went next.  After seeing what Mom got, we were all intrigued to see what Ben would score at because he (1) was raised by a nutritionist and (2) has always been very healthy, but enjoys his beer.  We all bet on the green or blue section for him.  His result?:


Green!  47,000!  He did great!  But we weren’t surprised ;).

I decided to go next and asked whether it mattered that I’ve been sick for over a week.  Again, she said, it’s more about overall health.  While I waited for my result everyone joked that I’d be purple and that the scanner would have to make a new category for me above the rest. To be honest, though, I thought I would score pretty low since I was sick.  When the result came out, I think I was the only one really surprised to see what I did:



55,000!  They were right, I was above the blue section! I feel proud of myself, too.  It goes to show that my balanced lifestyle and all this healthy eating is paying off.  🙂

Next up was Brendan, who said he feels like he’s lost his healthy-living practices as of late (when we were roommates in college he was one of the healthiest of us all!).


You may be able to tell by his expression that he didn’t get the greatest of scores… he scored 16,000 – which wound up being the lowest score of the group.  😦  But at least he allowed me to take a photo of him!

Auntie Kay and Zak went next – scoring identical 23,000’s.  All together, we wound up in this order:


[Brendan, Momma, Auntie Kay, Zak, Ben, and me.]

Of course, the whole point of the scan was to sell us something, and Mom’s friend sells multi-vitamin packs.  They had a bunch of tips on how to improve antioxidant results, which included getting adequate rest, reducing stress, not smoking, reducing the amount of alcohol consumed, and upping your veggie servings (by a lot apparently):

IMG_5329[Mom joked that I actually do eat this many veggies in a week – it just might be true]

All in all, everyone got a lot out of the antioxidant scans… we learned that taking care of ourselves really does make a difference internally and that negative habits have adverse effects on our health (I know, duh… but it hits home on a different level when you’re seeing a legit score on a machine!).  I’ve always known that living a balanced life is good for me, but it meant a lot to see it reflected in a scan.  I was also really glad to know that Ben’s scores are so high as well – that means we’re taking good care of each other!  🙂

Pretty cool, right?  🙂

This week has been an absolute hurricane–especially after such a fun weekend–and I can’t wait for work to be over with today so that I can teach my last TurboKick class of the week and then enjoy a dinner with Auntie Kay and Brendan!  Tomorrow I’m taking the day off and doing the Proposal Hike with my visitors

Have you ever had your antioxidants checked or gotten any other confirmation that you’re on the right track health-wise?

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