Motivational Monday – Being Open to Reevaluation

Happy Monday!!

I have a great feeling about this week! It’s March, it’s midterms, and my 10K (which supports victims of domestic violence) is this coming Saturday!

I’m still not sure if I’ll be ready to run the 10K yet, though. I’ve been easing into the mileage with my Vibrams since I got them–figuring I’d be switching back and forth between them and my Asics so that I could run the 10K  regardless–but I’ve recognized that I don’t want to run in my Asics anymore.  If I have the choice between 6 miles in Asics and 1 mile in Vibrams, I always choose the Vibrams.  I’ve been following others’ advice to really take it slow with upping the mileage in Vibrams, and I’ve been slowly but surely feeling better in them… until last Saturday, when I ran four miles and got some wicked blisters :(.

I kept it low-key this past week so that I could try for 5 miles on Sunday (which would set me up perfectly to do the 10K on the 12th).  I wrapped my foot in moleskin and took off in my Vibrams, feeling sore from weights the day before, but otherwise great until about 3 miles in.  That’s when the moleskin started moving and I could feel it rub against my blister constantly.  Ouch!  I was determined to make my mileage, regardless of the shoe, so I laced up my Asics and set out to finish what I started.

And that’s when it hit me…

can’t run in traditional shoes anymore. I know, it seems crazy – I’ve been running in Asics for over a year; I started running in Asics and have run races in them; I haven’t even had my Vibrams for very long.  Seriously?!

Yes.  Seriously.

They made my feet feel so incredibly bulky and heavy (which wasn’t helping with the soreness from lifting the day before), and I couldn’t feel the ground beneath me anymore.  My breathing became confused and I literally could not get in a groove.  My body was screaming at me to stop.  So I worked my butt off to get 3/4 of a mile (one loop) in, and then the brattiest 5-year-old Haley inside me came out and said, “Forget it!  If I can’t run the 10K in my Vibrams, I’m not doing it at all!”.

I set out for 5 miles on Sunday and only made it about 3.5.  I’ll be honest, I was pissed with myself. For one, why did I do a full body lift session the day before a longer run?  And for another, this meant that I wasn’t prepared to do my 10K in a week!  I stopped running and started stretching, and when Ben came back around I told him that I might be doing the 5K instead.  Truth be told, I’m embarrassed of the bratty little grouch that came out when Ben finished his 5 miles and told me how excited he is for this week’s race [seriously, why doesn’t he have super painful blisters hindering him?!].  I also sulked for a few hours.  With all that said, here’s my Motivational Monday wellness tip for this week:

Be Open to Reevaluation

It sure isn’t easy to hurdle my ego and succumb to running a 5K when I had my heart set on finishing a 10 this weekend, but I have to find the balance between pushing myself and honoring my body. And you know what?  If that is where my body is right now, that’s perfect.  Sure, I may have been able to run 7 miles in my Asics, but it’s my choice (no one else’s) to stick with the Vibrams, so I need to accept full responsibility for what my body is capable of doing in them right now.  That doesn’t mean I’ll always be stuck at 3 miles.  It just means that, right now, this is where I’m at.

I’ve come to terms with it now because, let’s face the facts: I haven’t been as diligent with my running practice as I should be for a 10K [school, life, work gets in the way!], and a 5K sounds like it might be perfect for my first “barefoot” race.  That doesn’t mean that I’m giving it up easily: since my legs and blisters are feeling better, I’m going to try for 5 miles again today/tomorrow.  No pressure, though – if I can make it, I’m going to try for the 10K this weekend, if not, I’m going to focus on beating last year’s 5K time. 🙂

It’s never easy setting a a goal and having to revise plans, but it is necessary to prevent injuries and keep yourself on the right path.  Personally, I am focusing on the positives:

  • I am able and willing to push myself and test my boundaries!
  • A year and a half ago, I couldn’t even imagine myself being able to run, and now I’m deciding between a 5K and a 10K!
  • I have made fitness a priority and will be running at least 3 miles this coming Saturday!
  • I am feeling more connected to my running practice than I ever imagined I could, and it is happening with ease!

These are all things I am immensely proud of myself for.  My running journey continues to push me both mentally and physically, no matter what ends up happening on Saturday.


As you may know, I’ve also been reevaluating my existence in the Masters in Social Work program. I’ve gotten incredibly supportive e-mails, messages, and comments that have been helping me through this funk (thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart), and I am focusing on being gentle with myself, writing often, and asking for guidance and clarity.  I’ve started a dialogue with a trusted professor and am staying patient with both myself and the process.  One thing that keeps coming up for me, though is my 2011 motto – “take action on your thoughts and ideas”.  We’ll see where my path takes me next.  No matter what, I know that I am exactly where I am meant to be. 🙂

Aside from the big Vibram epiphany and searching for clarity, most of my weekend was spent indoors studying for finals and cooking.  I rocked Jillian’s kettlebell workout DVD as well as Bob Harper’s Inside Out DVD [why didn’t anyone tell me he’s worse than Jillian?!?  Freakin A, I am in pain], finished a paper, and finally got around to creating a few great pairs of earrings for a friend’s bridal shower (they’re suprise pieces, so I can’t actually show them until her wedding happens…).  It felt so good to create again!  I call it a successful weekend for SURE!

How do you deal with changes in plans?

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14 thoughts on “Motivational Monday – Being Open to Reevaluation

  1. Therese says:

    I love this post, Haley! I admit that when things don’t work out the way I planned for them too I tend to freak out a bit but I’m slowly learning to appreciate them. Life happens in funny ways and sometimes they need to happen differently in order for us to learn from them. I’m trying to think of those situations as new opportunities! Of course, I usually think about that AFTER my control-freak attack!

  2. newrunnersunite says:

    Hiya, was just looking through some blogs that have to do with running, because I’m trying to get myself into it and also want to see if I can help other people too. But I’ve been interested in Vibrams for a while. I need a new pair of running shoes, but I’m kind of scared of making the leap. You mentioned blisters…. are they really bad? Supposed to go away? All I know is that I want really light shoes and those definitely fit the bill.

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