When I Think of You

I can barely believe it, but here we are on the last day of March!

April will bring many changes for both Ben and I as I say goodbye to my job at the college [and hopefully to bureaucratic desk jobs for good] and he completes his final class and moves into the world of teaching full-time.

Time is such a strange concept to me – sometimes I swear I can’t make it through a single minute [planks anyone?] and at others I look back and think holy shit, I haven’t called my best girlfriends in over six months!


[Okay, so this photo includes more than the Oregon crew, but they’re all my favorites!]

I have some incredible college friends.  Ben and the boys from college somehow keep in touch much better than we girls do (which means I get to stay up to date with what’s happening with the guys, too).  The boys say sports allow them the opportunity to call each other much more often, but I also think it’s because the boys have taken on much less responsibility than we girls have [why is it that we’re the ones with the craziest schedules?]. Or maybe we really are just worse at calling each other…?


In any case, I figured last week was the perfect time to send a few ladies some goodies Smile.  Along with their quinoa granola, I made a few sets of earrings to send off.  And now that they’ve received them, I can post them on the blog!

I sat down one day with nothing in mind.  But as I thought about these ladies, their pieces formed. And they were perfect.

Simple, classy, clean loop-de-loops with purple gemstone briolettes in two shades for two incredible ladies who have beautiful souls and loving, kind spirits.



Encircled Apo earrings with simple sworovski crystals and gemstone briolettes for my grounded, worldly, and creative sister.


And, of course, fun, vibrant, and elaborate Apo dangles with swarovski crystals and fresh water pearls for my life-loving, dynamic, and sparkling lady!


I love you and miss you more than I can say [even if I’m not the greatest at keeping in touch].  Living in paradise is nice and all, but it makes visiting friends on the mainland more difficult than I would like Sad smile.  Thankfully, I’ll be seeing you all sooner than we think – Colorado for the Jaze wedding in less than ten weeks!!

Happy End-of-March!

How often do you catch up with your closest friends? What do you (or would you) send them when you’re thinking of them?

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3 thoughts on “When I Think of You

  1. Therese says:

    Aww! You are so sweet to do that!

    I’m lucky that my best friends don’t live too far away, most about an hour east and west of me. But our lives are busy. My best friend and I try to get together once a month but we do email every day and we try to get together with another old friend every few months for a girls night!

  2. culturalcravings says:

    Oh man, I feel like I have so much to say about this. But since my man is coming over in like ten minutes, I’ll have to post (or email!) you later this week. Work/ school has been complete crazytown this week.

  3. Lee says:

    Im pretty good at keeping in touch with friends that live near me, but the farther away ones are harder. Facebook is really a lifesaver for that though.

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