Random Haps

So remember when I showed you that gruesome photo of the blisters my Vibram Sprints had given me on a 4 miler?  Well, I’ve still been getting blisters, but most of the time I’ve been smart enough to band-aid and moleskin my feet enough to avoid them.  I have found, however, that I don’t need to tape up my feet when I go on hikes (even 6-milers where Ben and I get lost in the woods for hours).  I realized that I still need Vibrams for running though, and as it turned out REI was having a 20% off sale (!!) so I hopped online and ordered the Bikilas (which I had heard so many great things about!).  One of the member comments below the shoe said that the sizing was the same as the sprints, so I didn’t even think twice before ordering the same size.

Last week Thursday, they arrived! And they are beautiful!

Or, they were beautiful. I had to send them back because they were too big! 😦  All my toes, aside from my big toe (I know, weird) are tiny, and they weren’t even fitting into their designated spots.  LAME!  I checked the website, and as it turns out, the Bikila sizes are different, and I take a 38 rather than a 39.  Lucky for me, REI will exchange them for me.  Sadly that means I didn’t get a long barefoot run in this weekend :(.  Two days after receiving them, I had to say goodbye again…

REI is really great with customer service, and I’m sure I’ll be receiving my 38s in the mail sooner rather than later. I can’t tell you how excited I am to up my mileage in these bad boys! [Have I mentioned that my first half-marathon is in less than five months?!]

Another cool new addition to my life: a CSA box (actually it’s a bag in this case) for the month of April!

The college I work at has an Agriculture and Natural Resources department that sets up a CSA (community supported agriculture) program once a year.  They only have about 30 spots, and I’ve been too late for the past two years to snag one of them, but this was my year!  I paid $68 to the Ag department for fresh fruits, veggies, and flowers each week.  Everything is grown organically by the students on campus, and we get that snazzy recycled bag as part of the deal, too!  🙂  Last week we got some great herbs, green beans, a ton of pak choi cabbage, an eggplant, and a bunch of squash (zucchini, pan squash, etc.).  I’m telling you, that bag was full!  I’m excited to see what comes in this week’s bag!

Aside from that, I’ve been super busy with work [my last day is confirmed as the 18th! Ahh!], grad school [they still can’t figure out where to place me for practicum because what I want to do is so ‘innovative’], jewelry, teaching TurboKick, and volunteering [Women Helping Women’s Elegant Afternoon Tea is this Sunday and will feature my jewelry!].   I have two papers due way too soon that I honestly haven’t even thought about, so these next few weeks are going to be hectic (I apologize in advance).  I have been cooking on the weekends, keeping up with my journaling, and pushing it to the limits with my nutrition and fitness.  Even with a hectic schedule, I feel calm and centered on the inside right now.  It feels good. 🙂

Have a rockin’ Tuesday!

Have any tips for me as I embark on training for my first half-marathon? Do you support a CSA in your area?

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5 thoughts on “Random Haps

  1. Therese says:

    Alan and I tried organics delivery last year and I LOVED it but my only beef was that they were also sending a lot of non-local organic products and I was really hoping for local. This year, however, we really want to make use of the farmers market that’s really close to our house and hopefully get some good organic AND local produce!

    Good luck with the half! You’re going to be great! Just pace yourself and, as usual, don’t do anything on race day you haven’t done during training (my biggest rookie mistake)!

  2. Lee says:

    REI is really great with returns and stuff. I’ve actually returned a North Face flleece there that I didn’t buy there. They took it anyway.

    Are you following a specific half marathon training plan? If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

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