Staying Grounded

Happy Hump Day!

At the moment, I feel like a mess.  A chaotic, unprepared, barely functioning being with a single mission: get through today. Just this day.  That’s it.  I can do that, right?  I am Wonder Woman, after all…

[taken on the South Island of Aotearoa about five years ago (dang, time flies!)]

Although I’ve had lots to keep me occupied lately [finishing tasks as the job ends, preparing for the end of the semester, volunteering, etc.], at the core of my being, I’m shaken by this next phase approaching. Not working full time anymore means I’m going to actually have time to cultivate things I’m passionate about.  It means I can create a new schedule, travel, and finally get around to fulfilling my goal of becoming a personal trainer.

But it also means that my schedule won’t be packed to the brim anymore.  It means every moment of my waking existence won’t be dedicated to work, school, Ben, wellness, etc.  I’m really good at being busy;  I’m not the greatest at allowing myself to slow down. But I really think I’m ready for this change of pace.  I’m excited for new possibilities, growth, and expansion.  And let’s be honest here: I highly doubt I’ll be slowing down too much.  I’ll still be in a full-time grad program, starting my practicum (16 hours a week!?), and teaching Turbo Kickboxing.

I just have to focus on feeling excited rather than feeling nervous.  And focus on this present moment. Just this.  Just now.

To keep myself grounded, I like to focus on the things I’m most grateful for. At this very instance, here’s my list (in no specific order):

  • I finally got a full 8 hours of sleep last night!  [I’ve been functioning on less than optimal sleep lately, and trust me, I need my rest].
  • I got to sit down and have breakfast with the most incredible being in the universe this morning: Ben!
  • Although I left the house at 7 this morning and won’t have a single break or be back home until 10:30 tonight, it is the last time I’ll have this crazy schedule for a long time [I have class on Mon, Tues, and Wed nights, and my last day on the job is next Monday!]
  • We had enough food to scrounge together my 5 meals for today – even if I had to pair together swiss chard, avocado, and canned salmon for my morning snack [don’t judge].
  • People really love my jewelry, and all five of my pieces sold at the Women Helping Women fundraiser this past Sunday [but I totally forgot to take photos of the pieces – doh!]
  • I’ve got three papers due next week that I haven’t started on yet, but I get to bounce ideas off some of the greatest cohort-mates a girl could ever ask for.
  • The tickets are purchased and I am so excited for Ben and my Epic [with a capital E] adventures around the U.S. this summer!!!
  • I love my readers – you make me want to keep up with you, even when I’m just rambling 😉

Ahh, I do feel more connected now. I’m off to jam this crazy day away (soon enough this day will be behind me, so I’ve got to make the most of it!).  Have a wonderful day!

What are you most grateful for at this very moment?

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4 thoughts on “Staying Grounded

  1. Therese says:

    It’s exciting yet terrifying, isn’t it?! I used to be intensely lazy and am now finding myself enjoying being busy, being able to fit everything in is going to be really strange! But I’m determined to make it all work and I think our lives will be even more fulfilled because of it!

  2. Katie says:

    I’m most grateful for my man, who picks me up from my long day of work and class in the city, and we get to just talk and joke around for the hour and a half ride home. It makes commuting so much more bare-able, and let’s us squeeze in more time together.

    Where are you traveling to this summer?

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