10 in 100

Lee totally inspired me with her 10 in 100 List the other day, and I knew immediately that I had to make one.

I’m huge on list-making and goal-setting, so the concept really struck a chord for me: put together a list of ten things you’d like to accomplish in the next 100 days.   Like Lee, I used this online calculator to find out the date my 100 days would be up.

That said, I’m excited to share with you the ten things I hope to will have accomplished by July 29th, 2011!

1. Increase my barefoot mileage to 8 miles.  The farthest I’ve gone in my Vibrams was 5 miles this past weekend.  I did those 5 in my Sprints because I’m still anxiously awaiting the return of my Bikilas.  I can’t wait to get my Bikilas and start upping my distance again!  I figure 100 days is plenty of time to get to at least 8 miles.  From then on I’ll be training for the Maui Marathon Half, so it’ll be a great base.

2. Share at least one meal a day with Ben.  Now that I’ll be home more, I hope this can actually be more like 2 meals a day!  It’s one of our missions to be able to connect with each other at least once a day, and I am so excited to be home again more!

3. Ride the Maui Bus.  Have you seen the gas prices lately?  It’s amazing.

And that’s for regular.  As in the cheapest you can get [ahh, the joys of living in paradise].  To be honest, part of me is frustrated with the spike in prices, but most of me is glad.  I don’t want to get into politics or anything, but I think it’s about time we Americans learn that gas has a high price tag [when I studied in Aotearoa over 5 years ago, they were paying heaps per litre and found it appalling that I paid so little for gas in Hawai’i].

“And I ponder if it’s time to save up and get a car
And pay for the gas that we’re takin’ from the war;
I’d miss all the colorful faces, the places, and spaces I’ve embraced”

 [ Blue Scholars : Joe Metro ]

I am ashamed to say that the Maui Bus has been around for a couple of years and I have yet to ride it!  I’m taking the rise in gas prices and not having to work 8 to 5 every day anymore as an opportunity to consume less and live much more sustainably.

4. Get my writing out there.  I plan to submit work to at least 20 contacts.  Because if I don’t put out the effort, it won’t come back.

5. Complete Jillian’s Ripped in 30.  I haven’t had time to tell you this, but I just started a new challenge.

I figured I’d do something to challenge myself as part of the Final Fifteen.  I’m becoming more and more of a Jillian fan (I’ve been loving her kettlebell routine) so I decided to challenge myself with her Ripped in 30 program.  I literally just started yesterday and am excited for it!  It’s based on her 3-2-1 interval training technique [3 minutes of weights – 2 minutes cardio – 1 minute abs] and there are four different workouts for the four different weeks.  Of course, this will just be supplementary to the 3 kickboxing classes I teach each week as well as my runs.  If you guys are interested, I’ll do a review each week and keep you updated on my progress :).

6. Read two new books.  For pleasure [word!].  School will be out for summer in the next month, which means I’ll actually have time to do this!  I wasn’t sure which books they’d be, but life always seems to hand me my answer when I ask.  The first book was gifted to me from my friend/coworker Jaymi just this morning as an office parting gift!!  I’m so excited to read The Geography of Bliss!  I’m really not sure how I hadn’t even heard about it until today… it’s right up my alley!

Any suggestions for my second book?

7. Purchase and start working on my personal training certificate.  It is quite the investment, but this will be beneficial both short-term and long-term for me.  Since I’ve already become comfortable with being a fitness instructor, it will give me a better knowledge base for my students (and allow me to make more money).  In the long-term, I’ll need this for my private practice once I graduate.

8.  Continue with the Artist’s Way.  I’ve been working on this 12-week program for over a year now, and have become so “busy” that I keep pushing it aside.  I’d like to make the goal of finishing the program by July, but some lessons take longer to sink in for me, and I would just like to continue making progress.  After all, it’s not always about the destination.

9. Go on a solo day trip.  I’d like to spend a day in solitude on Maui.  To reconnect with myself, the land, and my values.  It doesn’t matter what I do, necessarily – ferry to Lana`i, read a book by the ocean, drive to Hana and lay by the waterfalls, lunch and a movie – I just think it’s important during this transitional phase in my life.

10. Find our new house.  I’ve alluded to the fact that the house we rent is currently on the market for sale.  Well, we’re ready and excited for our great new house!  Again, I’d like to be optimistic and have the goal of actually moving in by July, but we’re not on a tight timeline and really aren’t sure what our finances will look like soon, so I’m staying realistic.

And there you have ’em!  Now that they’re written out all nice and pretty, I’m fully accountable!  🙂

Do it with me!  Name your 10 in 100 in the comments section!

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8 thoughts on “10 in 100

  1. Melissa Schlothan says:

    oh boy, that sounds fun!!

    and i can no longer complain about gas here, because it’s 4.09/gal where i live in my little dinky town. ick. reminds me of 08′ when it got to your price in San Diego. most horrible experience ever!

  2. Therese says:

    The price of gas in Canada is just as bad. It makes me glad we don’t have a car, we’d never be able to drive it!

    Love your list! You’re so determined to make the best possible life for yourself! Rock ON!!!!

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