A few weeks ago my cousin posted this photo of my three-year-old niece:

My comment to the photo: “that must be the ‘Mom, you’re messing with my FLOW here’ face.”

My Mom’s comment to mine: “yeah.  Also known as the ‘Haley’ face.”

[Mom didn’t actually write that in the comments section, but she told me in person later that day.]  

Alright, so it’s true.  As a young kid I was a bit dramatic and would often purposefully ruin photos because I was (a) irritated, (b) not feeling good, or (c) had better [read: more important] things to be doing with my time.  I’ve ruined many a good picture with this tactic–starting from the toddler days and including a very expensive Star Shots shoot with my Mom and brother when I was six [I had a sore stomach and the photographer wouldn’t allow me to leave–you can bet your ass I glared at the camera with anger that entire shoot].

[That’s the *Really?  You’re gonna make me stand here and take a freaking picture with Timmy while I could be breaking open a homemade pinata right now?!* face. Note my refusal to even look into the camera.]

So, why all this talk about me being a grouch today?  Because that little pissed off girl in the photo made a guest appearance this morning when I woke up after a restless, coughing-fit-induced night, to strangers opening my glass door to visit my house.

I am totally not kidding.  Apparently the real estate agent forgot to contact me or Ben about the fact that there would be an Open House this morning.

In a sleep-induced daze, I asked that they give me ten minutes to get myself together, and then threw on some clothes and grabbed my water bottle to leave the property… but not before I threw the realtor a dagger of of a stink-eye.

To sound like even more of a grouch, I’ll also have you know that I’ve officially lost my voice.  Aside from an incredibly painful whisper, it’s gone–which is really interesting considering the fact that I did a presentation on deaf culture last night.  Oh, and I have these awesome fever blisters all over my lip today, too.  Ugh.  This cold is kicking my ass. 

In all actuality, although this isn’t how I expected to spend my first few days of freedom, I trust that this is exactly what I’m meant to be doing with myself right now.  It’s giving me a chance to lay low and practice my American Sign Language again.

I really just hope I have enough energy to keep up with two of my best friends, Trevor and Kira, this weekend!  They’re flying over from `O`ahu tonight to visit and I couldn’t be more excited!  Here’s hoping they’ll learn some American Sign Language while they’re here this weekend!  🙂

Do you have any good grouch stories (come on, I can’t be the only one)?  How do you deal with being sick when you have fun things lined up?

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2 thoughts on “Grouchy

  1. Katie says:

    Hmm, the first grouch story that springs to mind is when I was starving after work. I got home from work six thirty, boyfriend picks me up we drive to one restaurant. It has closed down. Drive half hour away to another one, it’s a 45 minute wait. At this point, I want to eat my arm so what do I do? I throw a temper tantrum worthy of a five year old. I literally stomped my feet and cried in the parking lot b/c I was so grouchy and hungry.

    We went to another restaurant ( where there was still a wait) but I was placated with wine and appetizers at the bar.

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