Motivational Monday–Knowledge Is Power

We are all on our own wellness journey, and chances are likely that somewhere along the path you’ve been just as frustrated by your progress—or lack of progress—as I have been. Often times we get in our own way at the very moment we are about to see the greatest shifts, both physically and emotionally.  Motivating ourselves in these times is key to keep us from back-stepping. 

One of the ways I stay motivated during these times is to utilize the resources I’ve collected throughout my journey.  Over the years, I’ve come to recognize a few sources of information as tools to succeed.  By staying knowledgeable and continuing to search for new information, I have been able to continue to push and create new boundaries for myself. 

With that said, here are a few of the resources I use to help guide me  in living a happy, healthy lifestyle:


The Center for Science in the Public Interest is an incredible organization with the mission of transforming the American diet to focus on health and wellness.  Ben and I have been reading their health-letter called Nutrition Action for years and love the way CSPI is so vocal and fearless about getting the public educated about their diet and exercise choices.  If I had to choose a single subscription, I’d choose Nutrition Action over anything else.


Along those same lines, I’m a huge advocate for reading up on issues surrounding America’s food industry as a whole.  What I eat is largely based on knowledge I’ve learned through books like "Eating Animals” and “The Omnivore’s Dilemma”, as well as the things I’ve learned in my undergraduate and graduate studies. 

hawaii foods

While it is important to be knowledgeable about nation-wide issues concerning nutrition, I believe it is much more vital for each of us to know about what is happening locally.  Local publications like the University of Hawai`i’s College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resource’s website are jewels online for people searching for reliable food information for local fruits, veggies, and sauces [do you know how difficult it is to find poi or lomi salmon stats on mainland searches?].  The site also gives healthy recipes and offers advice in improving your diet. 


Other publications like Edible Hawaiian Islands and Slow Food Maui celebrate Hawai`i’s natural abundance in local food and give readers ideas, options, and upcoming events for living healthily. 


Of course, we can’t forget about one of my greatest resources: the farmer’s market.  Supporting local farmers is essential for so many reasons.  Aside from getting the freshest produce, it also allows me to communicate with farmers, share recipes and ideas, and gain invaluable knowledge through sharing experiences.  For example, I would never have known that so many cultures share the belief of eating hot chilies to flush out a cold if I hadn’t have gone to the market while feeling under the weather this weekend. 

There is an abundance of resources to keep you involved and motivated on your healthy journey, no matter where you live.  Reading blogs often gives me the inspiration and motivation I need to keep moving forward.  At this very moment, here are a few blogs that inspire me:

  • An Open Cookbook: Alli is a friend who not only knows a thing or two about delicious recipes, but is also a research nutritionist.  Her photos, recipes, and insight are always spot on! 
  • Daily Garnish: Emily’s culinary skills and personality are what first hooked me, but it has been so special watching as she embarks on her first pregnancy as a health-conscious woman. 
  • Trying to Heal: I truly appreciate Melissa’s approach to life – her enthusiasm, passion, and dedication are so refreshing and inspiring! 

Of course, the reason I started Green Plate Dinners—and specifically the Motivational Monday series—is because I hope to offer you motivation, too! 

With all these resources, I hope you make the most of today! 

Do you have any great resources to share?  I’m always looking for more! 

If you are catching up on the Motivational Monday series, here’s what you’ve missed:

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Motivational Mondays are meant to offer you tips and tools to help you live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  What would you like to see for Motivational Mondays? Would you like to be a contributor? Comment or email me at and tell me your motivational story, who motivates you, and/or your tips.

Aloha Pumehana. Whether you’re here to find balance, wholesome recipes or inspiration, I hope you enjoy the posts.  Please subscribe to Green Plate Dinners to receive automatic updates and be the first to read new posts for free!


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