The New Bikilas!

I am so glad I bought a watch that tells me what day it is.  I’m less than a week into being free from the office and I’ve already lost track of the days.  This is going to take some getting used to, but I really can’t complain. Smile

Anyway, my second pair of Vibram FiveFingers were sent back to me from REI last week just before I got sick!  I have been waiting for months to be able to run a barefoot 10K, since my VFF Sprints give me horrible blisters after 4 miles.  I did get up to 5 miles in my Sprints a few weeks back, but I had to bandage my feet and moleskin the bottom of my big toes. 


The bandaging is getting old, and I am so grateful to have my beautiful Bikilas now!


So, why did I choose the Bikilas?

Well, first, they come in bright green (obvious win). 

Second, the Bikila is the first VFF shoe designed specifically for barefoot running (they created a platform to support running on the forefront of the foot). 

And third, I did some research on a few forums and found that many people who had similar issues with the Sprints [blisters + not being able to run past 4 miles or so] were completely satisfied with their Bikilas.  There were overall fantastic reviews, and since I love my VFFs, I decided it was time to get another pair. 

As you can see, the Bikilas are lined past the straps with super-comfortable, breathable material [read: machine washable!], which helps keep pebbles and the like out while running.  And although the top of the shoes don’t look alike, it’s the bottom of the shoe that really makes the difference:


The Bikilas obviously have much more grip and advanced technology than the Sprints.  The peeps at VFF say it offers much more protection for the bottom of your foot and distributes the impact without compromising proper barefoot running form. 

What do I think?

I’m definitely still getting used to the Bikilas. 

To avoid having to send back your Bikilas, you’ll want to re-measure your foot [even if you already have VFFs] because they fit completely different than the Sprints do.  The Bikilas don’t have the back strap like the Sprints, which are adjustable both length-wise and width-wise.  For Sprints, I take a 39, and for Bikilas I’m using a 38, although sometimes I’d like them to fit a bit more snugly.  I think I just need to get used to the different fit. 

When I first got my Sprints, my feet, achilles, and calves really had to get used to all the sensory information, and I feel as though I’m going through that stage again – although not as intensely.   The way I walk and run feels different in the Bikilas versus the Sprints, and my feet are having to adapt (which is a good thing). 


As far as hiking goes, I did a good 5 miler in my Bikilas this past weekend with no issues aside from a small blister on the back of my left ankle (to be expected).  I’ve also been doing my home workouts and walks around the neighborhood/park in them and they’re great!  But really, I plan on using my Sprints for most of my hikes.  The real reason I got these Bikilas is to be able to run longer distances [i.e. my half marathon in September!]. 

So, my running experience in Bikilas? 

So far so good!  I did my first hilly 2 miles this morning and felt great.  I wish I could have done more, but I’m still recovering from this cold, so I didn’t want to push my luck.  I was surprised by how different running in the Bikilas feels than running in Sprints.  I missed being able to tighten them so that they don’t move around, but I was glad to not feel any spots where blisters were forming and definitely felt no discomfort!  I can’t wait to up my mileage in these bad boys! 

T-minus 4 + a half months til my first half marathon!  Holy crap… maybe it’s time I start training…?

Have an incredible day!  Look out for some great new recipes – I’ve become casserole-obsessed! 

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