Ripped In 30 – Week 2 Review

I started Jillian Michael’s new Ripped in 30 program a few weeks back as one of my 10 in 100 goals. 

Here’s my review of Week/Workout 1 (click to read).  I really enjoyed the first week of the program!  While Week 1 drilled home technique and form, Week 2 seemed to be more focused on pushing past my comfort zone than anything else. 


Week 2 Pros

  • I really appreciated the fact that all of the exercises were new and innovative.  Jillian’s really good at creating new forms of torture and every single exercise pushed me.
  • I’m feeling more toned than I have in a while and dropped a pant size since the beginning of the program!

Week 2 Cons

  • Again, I have no idea when to use my heavy set of weights and when to use my light… so I just guess.
  • There’s a lot of shoulder work in this particular workout – Jillian does a lot of plank-work without showing modifications for people with shoulder issues. 
  • Jillian is extremely annoying this week.  I don’t usually get irritated with instructors/videos, and I like hearing her talk about pushing yourself, but I actually had to turn off the sound more than a few times this week because I couldn’t handle her huge ego and me me me talk.  She’s way too full of herself in this one… she literally barks at one of the women and whacks the other on the butt during this workout.  Yeah.  Not her finest hour. 

Overall, Week 2 was more negative than positive for me.  I’m not feeling the same strength I felt in myself emotionally after Week 1, and I’m pretty bummed because Ripped totally put my right shoulder and knee on the fritz.  Both have been painful since I started Week 2’s workouts, and I’ve had to modify as best I can [when she does plank modifications on the hands I’ll do static planks on the elbows + I do same-leg lunges rather than pendulum]. 

Aside from a 3.5 miler this morning, my running has been sidelined this week because I don’t want to push my knee [lame!].  I work really hard to honor and listen to my body so that I don’t get injured, and I’m not liking the way I feel lately.  I took a rest day yesterday, but my shoulder and knee are still pretty painful today.  After trying Week 3’s workout for the first time today and again having to modify moves because my shoulder kept popping and my knee kept aching, I’ve decided that, instead of doing Ripped every day, I’m going to do it every other day to allow my joints some time in between to rest and recover.  I’ll still do 6 days of each workout; it’ll just take me a bit longer.  If the pain progresses, I’ll have to stop the program completely, but I’m hoping that an every-other-day regimen will do the trick. 

I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this Ripped In 30 program and it’s crazy that I’m already more than half way through!  I’m glad to see and feel more definition, but I’m not willing to risk anything for injuries, so I’m excited to see how I continue to progress while doing it every other day.   

I’m off to finish my final paper for the semester [it’s about the ethical issues of hormone replacement therapy for women in menopause, in case you were wondering] and then enjoy a beautiful Saturday evening with Ben! 

Have a great night!

Do you have any experience with shoulder/knee issues?  I really don’t know what to do to make sure I don’t make things any worse…

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4 thoughts on “Ripped In 30 – Week 2 Review

  1. Therese says:

    Again, I really appreciate the honest review of Ripped in 30! I’m glad you’re listening to yourself as we don’t want you to get injured! Sometimes I think these workouts that push you to your limit EVERY day can’t be good. You’re body needs time to adjust and repair from workouts like that and they don’t allow you to have that time. But I do hope weeks 3 and 4 are awesome for you!

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