Motivational Monday–Try New Things!

Happy Monday!  Hope you all enjoyed Mothers’ Day yesterday!

We spent the day on the west side helping Mom run a silent auction for a non-profit event.  I know, it’s not the “traditional” way to spending Mothers’ Day, but my family is far from traditional [remember all the fresh-caught fish we ate instead of turkey on Thanksgiving?].

My family is notorious for stepping outside the boundaries and trying new things, which is the topic of today’s Motivational Monday post.  By being open in all areas in our lives, we widen our possibilities of growth, expansion, and greatness!  Suddenly the world widens and has less limitations.


It is truly profound to be able to step outside our own boundaries to expand our experiences and broaden our view of both ourselves and the world.  As we create new realities for ourselves, we are able to be more authentic and live our best lives possible!

Of course, a huge part of creating new boundaries is being able to accept and appreciate – and then let go of – the fear that comes along with trying new things.  It is human nature to be afraid to fail.  Fear is a good thing – it helps us recognize when we are in danger – but being held back by fear can really hinder self-growth.

I have a secret to tell you: Most of the time we stay stagnant because we have a fear of failing, but in reality, there is no such thing as failing.  It is all just learning.  It is all in our heads, and we get to determine how we perceive everything.  So take every opportunity that arises as an opportunity to grow, and that is exactly what will happen!  If you absolutely hate the experience then so be it – you never have to do it again – but don’t deny yourself the chance to grow, learn, and experience by refusing to try it!

“Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.”–  Sydney Smith.

When I thought about doing this post, I knew I had to ask my Mom for advice because she is by far the most adventurous woman I’ve ever known, in so many ways.  As a kid, she thought outside the box and was often reprimanded for her adventures because they didn’t follow the path of her family.  In high school, she became the first woman to play football on the island of Maui.  And by the time she was twenty four, she had already had two children, escaped an extremely violent relationship, moved to a confidential location [we’re allowed to say that it was Oregon now, but back then she wasn’t even allowed to tell her own parents where she was going, in fear for our lives], saved our lives, and been a single mother for three years.  She continues to push the envelope with her personal and professional life even to today.


So, what’s Pioneer Momma’s advice on trying new things (especially things that scare you)?

Well, honestly there is a great quote about how you often regret the things you DIDN’T do more than you ever regret the things you did do and I totally think that’s true.  I regret a lot of things I didn’t do, not the things I have done. 

Every experience I’ve had has brought so much into my life.  If there were negative consequences to my choices, I ALWAYS learned from them, and if there were lessons to be learned I always appreciated them LATER. 

If it’s risky and it makes you scared and your heart pound from excitement that feels like fear then you should do it.  And if you decide NOT to do it, then OWN it and make that the powerful decision, not the wimpy one.

Great advice from a wise woman.  I think you can figure out why I let her know I would be skydiving on my 21st birthday in Aotearoa and waited until the day after to tell my dad (although I’m sure he could tell us a thing or two about taking risks, too).

In the past few months, here’s my list of few new things tried:

  • being unemployed [so far so good]
  • blogging [obviously I’m loving it]
  • a kettlebells class
  • Vibram Bikilas
  • making the bed every single day [I’m still working on that]
  • a big trip to the continental US! [in less than 1 month!]

Don’t be afraid to test your boundaries and increase your greatness!  Get out there and try something new – there is so much to do and you just might surprise yourself with your abilities!

What’s on your New Things Tried list?  What do you plan on trying soon?

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7 thoughts on “Motivational Monday–Try New Things!

  1. Therese says:

    What a great post! I always went against the grain growing up but because most of the people around me were those that went with the flow I was often confused and wondered if there was something wrong with me. Now I realize it’s just a part of who I am. I’m not a person to settle for things that don’t make me happy and I’ve realized that sometimes to reach our dreams we have to take risks and now I don’t fear risks, I see them as opportunities to grow.

    I’m taking a BUNCH of risks this year and although they terrify me, I think they actually excite me more! It’ll be interesting to see where I am this time next year!!!

  2. Momma says:

    I say YES more than anything in life!! You just never know where you could go with a simple YES!! Sometimes I say yes to things that my bank account would question, but I still don’t regret those choices!! Life is short, we must live NOW. That’s why it’s called the Present,it truly is a gift. Sometimes saying no is a wise choice, too, tho! But don’t say no out of wimpy, like I said, say NO from your power place. Not now is also a good answer!! I think Oprah says you can have it all, just not all at the same time, or something like that…

    Haley has taken my theories and blown them UP!! Her ‘box’ is ten times as big as mine!! I love that about her!!! SHE IS AMAZING… keep on inspiring and motivating, girl!! I love you!!

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