A Post of Randoms

Random #1:

Our yard has been lost to 2-foot high grass for weeks now because we’ve been holding out for the guy who’s supposed to do it [usually Ben gives in and does the entire yard… but we had to take a stand].  Fortunately for us, he finally showed up on Sunday… but he only did half the yard.  He showed up again yesterday and did a little weed-wacking behind the house, but he’s still not done [is it obvious that he’s a real slacker?].

Anyway, the point of that rant is that the hens from next door have been loving our yard! With the grass finally cut, there are tons of bugs for them to grub on, so they’ve been hanging out around our yard, happy as ever.


Random #2:

Sometimes I make recipes that seem like good ideas but end up not worth sharing. 

I made these vegan, refined-sugar-free kiwi vanilla cupcakes with ‘buttercream’ frosting for Mom’s birthday this year and was disappointed by the outcome.  I need to tinker with the ingredients and make them much more healthy before I’ll be willing to share the recipe with you all.


Random #3:

Despite the fact that I must have pulled out 20+ caterpillars throughout the cleaning + cooking process (you gotta love organic produce from the farmer’s market), I am absolutely in love with broccoli greens [is this considered broccolini?].  I steam them a bit first, then saute them in a bit of Earth Balance and squirt some lemon over top.  Delicious!


[Gah, is that another caterpillar in this photo?  In some countries that’s considered a delicacy…]

Random #4:

Ben and I have found our soulmates in life – Trevor + Kira – and we were lucky to have them visit us the other weekend from O`ahu!  Unfortunately, I was sick that weekend and wasn’t much of a host, but it was still so awesome to have them around!  I miss them already.


[I talked them into napping because my energy was low all weekend.  It’s meant to be!]

Random #5:

Purple carrots aren’t actually purple all the way through!  Makes me wish I used this carrot for something much cooler than just a curry last night. 


Random #6:

I chop when I’m feeling stressed.  I’ve gotten better since finals week. 


Random #7:

A day at the beach with a one-year-old trumps a day spent anywhere else!  Smile


Off to have some fun with the munchkin!  Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Got any randoms to share with me today?  I’d love to hear em!

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6 thoughts on “A Post of Randoms

  1. Katie says:

    Random #1- I’m in love with two little succulent plants that I bought with a groupon! They make my desk so much cuter
    Random #2 – I’ve finally made to a real yoga studio instead of doing my podcasts, but have been jealous of the insane poses people can do. (competition is so not the point of yoga, I know)
    Random #3- It’s my 24th birthday on the 12th, and I just realized that 24 is 12 x 2.

    • greenplatedinners says:

      Ooh! I think that means it’s your PLATINUM birthday or something [I totally made that up, but you can use it ;)]. I love succulents! They’re one of the only plants I can care for because they don’t have many needs, lol. And I’m excited for you and the yoga studio! It is very different to have the energy of everyone else at a studio versus at home!

  2. Momma says:

    Random responses:
    1- your birthday muffins were amazing and soooo thoughtful!!
    2- love Kira and Trevor so much
    3- I want some purple carrots, so cool!!!
    4- thems some fat chickens!!!

    Random thought by Mom: I forgot I gotta walk in the Charity Walk, hope it leaves time to make it to the beer fest!! And hopefully a quick nap! hahaha! I loves me a good nap on a Saturday before beer 😉 (somebody better check that this isn’t an imposter!


    • greenplatedinners says:

      hahaha… you’re so funny Momma. That pretty white + black hen that used to hang around the house was eaten by a stinky neighborhood dog… so Jay got new ones! =)

      That’s perfect that you have to walk on Saturday cause Ben decided that he wants to take me AND zak to VIP [we’ll all be drunk by the time you get there]!

  3. Alison @ Hospitality Haven says:

    Random #1: I have to have all of my pots and pans handles on the left when I cook.
    Random #2: I’m eating watermelon cubes in a giant bowl as I type this.
    Random #3: I talk to my plants.
    Random #4: I studied music in university and yet I generally don’t like listening to music.

    Thanks for sharing your randoms! 🙂

    • greenplatedinners says:

      Haha… I LOVE your randoms, Alison!!! I never thought about which way my handles go when I cook… interesting.

      I talk to my plants, too… lol. And YUM…. watteeerrrmmmeellllooonnn….

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