Mr. Ben Graduates

Happy Friday! 

Lately, I’ve been waking up to Seattle-like weather outside.


[Can someone explain to me what’s going on with these clouds?  I do live on Maui, right?]

Luckily for me, temps are always in the mid-eighties and it’s still nice at the beachSmile.  Yesterday I spent some time playing in the waves before teaching my kickboxing class, and then I came home to a Green Plate Dinner made by Ben! 


[Rice pilaf with broccoli greens + wild Alaskan salmon from the BBQ]

It was a really nice surprise to have a Ben-cooked meal!  We used to split the dinner-cooking duties pretty evenly, but lately I’ve been doing most of it because I’m home much more and Ben is busy finishing up his degree. Somehow food always tastes better when someone else makes it for me.  Don’t you agree?

These Seattle-like mornings must be making us extra homesick for Ben’s family because we listened to a music compilation put together by Pop while we ate by candlelight last night.  [Side note: Pop makes the best compilations of anyone I’ve ever known.  Also: I wish Seattle wasn’t an ocean away.]

Today is a big day for my family as Ben graduates with his teaching degree tonight! 

We both got our undergraduate degrees in Psychology and then Ben went on to work with kids with special needs.  That’s when he realized his incredible gift and decided to study Special Education.  He is really amazing with people in general, but especially fantastic with those who need a little extra patience and care.  I know it sounds like I’m just saying this because I’m obsessed with my hubby, but if you ask anyone who knows Ben, they’ll all tell you how special he truly is. 


I’ll be making lei using plumeria from the yard today [the amount we have is borderline ridiculous] for Ben’s ceremony tonight.  Then we’ll have his official grad celebration tomorrow at the Maui Brewers Festival!  Ben is a huge beer fanatic, so it’s the perfect way to celebrate!  The fact that I’m not big on beer works out perfectly because I get to sip on samples and then give the remaining beer to the guys.  Win-Win! 

Off to get this wonderful day started!  Have a beautiful Friday, friends!

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