Motivational Monday–Celebrate Success!

It’s really nice not worrying about an 8-5 anymore!  I thought losing the desk job would mean I’d be back on top of my game and have way too much free time on my hands, but in all actuality, I’ve been busy finishing up school, teaching kickboxing, writing, exploring and creating. It’s such a nice change from the grind that has consumed my life since I was 14 years old.

The downside to the situation: I have somehow been forgetting everything lately! Without the structure of penciling everything in [we’re even talking shower time here], I seem to have lost my ability to remember appointments and get to functions on time.  I’ve also lost some serious motivation lately.  I have a list of things I never had time for while working that I haven’t even started on yet.  Somehow the days have just been getting away from me…

I’m making a real effort to write things in my scheduler [and look at it every day!] and post my list of to-dos around the house.  I hope it helps.

This weekend was consumed by celebration!


After two years of graduate studies [while working!], Ben graduated with his higher education degree to become a Special Education teacher!  We couldn’t be more proud of him!

It takes intense dedication and effort to strive for any goal, but especially for goals that take a while to fulfill.  Over the past two years, Ben has worked diligently and rigorously on being the best student he could be – doing many hours of research, spending many sunny days inside writing papers, and experiencing some of the most difficult students yet.  But he rarely complained about it, and he always stayed positive, because he knew what the end goal looked like.  And before any of us knew it, we were buying yet another tassel and making arrangements to celebrate his incredible accomplishments!


Ben’s dedication and positivity while working on his goals is admirable, as it is not always easy, and I think there is a lot to learn from it.  He has worked extremely hard and has a lot to be proud of, and I truly believe that being able to celebrate his accomplishments is just as important as his ability to keep pushing through the hard times.

The process of achieving goals is often long and arduous, so it makes sense that we might forget to celebrate once we reach the end.  Even so, I cannot tell you how important it is emotionally to be able to recognize our own strengths, acknowledge our incredible abilities, and be grateful for the experience.  It is empowering to be able to conclude a goal and recognize how much we have grown throughout the process.

I truly believe this to hold true for any and all goals we set for ourselves [school, health/wellness, financial, emotional].  We so rarely take time to recognize and accept our own greatness, which leads us to live below our potential.


[Me + Mr. Ben with the plumeria lei I made him]

I encourage you to take a moment to recognize just how far you’ve come on your journey and with your goals.  This is a powerful practice, even if you haven’t reached your destination yet.  If your goal is weight loss, take a moment after each healthy meal to recognize how great you’re doing with your nutrition!  If your goal is to graduate with a bachelor’s degree, take some time to recognize your semester accomplishments!  Practices like these will fuel your fire to continue living your most significant life and push you even closer to your goal!

What have you done lately to celebrate getting closer to your goals? 

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Motivational Mondays are meant to offer you tips and tools to help you live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  What would you like to see for Motivational Mondays? Would you like to be a contributor? Comment or email me at and tell me your motivational story, who motivates you, and/or your tips.

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