My Favorite Scar

On Sunday I met up with a few lady friends for a pot luck to celebrate Dr. Tracey’s departure from Maui for the summer.  It was a beautiful afternoon filled with love and laughter – and lots of yummy food!


[I brought the lentil-bulgur salad, with a side of feta cheese, as it is super easy to make ahead and just gets better as it sits.]

Although it’s not pictured in the above spread, my favorite dish at the potluck was a veggie and goat cheese frittata made by the hostess.  I often make mini frittatas because they’re so easy, but I hadn’t made a legit, full-panned frittata in a long time.  The next day I decided I’d use a bunch of the veggies in the fridge to make a delicious frittata for our home


I did so well – the finished frittata was brown on top and puffed up beautifully – and was extra careful, because I’m naturally clumsy and often hurt myself.  I used two pot holders to take the pan out of the oven and felt like I was home-free!  And then I heard a sizzling sound and realized I had somehow managed to burn myself with the handle of the pan. 


[Yeah, is that going to be an awesome scar or what?  I’m a hard core frittata-maker.]

Not to fret, I’m no stranger to scars.  You get used to them when you’re as clumsy as I am.  I actually appreciate my scars as reminders of moments in my life.  I have scars on my fingers from climbing barbed-wire fences, a scar on my lower arm from the time I somehow touched a hot iron, and a scar on my baby finger from that one time a glass shattered while I was washing dishes, taking with it a piece of my flesh. 

My favorite scar ever, though, has been on my right shin since before I was ten years old.  I earned it fair and square by being a hard-headed daughter and not listening when Dad said to wear pants when I went dirtbike riding.  My Kawasaki crank-starter had little nobs on it, and when I went to crank my bike to life, I missed by a fraction and scraped my right shin with the knobby steel so bad blood dripped to the dirt below. 

It wouldn’t be so bad if I had learned my lesson, but I must have done it three more times after that – always just as my scab had hardened.  Miserable.  It took me a few times to learn, but eventually I caught the lesson – wear riding pants when you ride.

This new scar will be another addition to my collection.  I’m not sure if there was a lesson to this one aside from ovens are hot: pay attention!, but I’ll definitely be extra cautious every time I make a frittata from here on out.  The scar itself doesn’t feel too bad anymore.  I ran it under cool water for a few minutes right after I got burnt, and have been rubbing emu oil on it since.  Yeah, you read that right. 


Emu oil is derived from the fat of the emu bird [indigenous to Australia] and has been used for generations by Australian natives to soothe and moisturize the skin.  It’s made up of beneficial essential fatty acids (including omega-3, 6, and 9s) and Vitamin E, is chemical-free, odorless, and can be used on all skin types [including children].

We got this bottle from a friend of ours who uses the oil on her hair, and have heard nothing but great things about the product from many of our friends.  This is the first time I’m using it on a burn, but I feel like it’s helped tremendously already – there’s no pain or redness around the area and the swelling has already gone down. 

What’s your favorite scar? 

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5 thoughts on “My Favorite Scar

  1. Therese says:

    That’s gonna be a sweat scar, my friend! Yikes!

    I scar easily! Sometimes a simple scratch will stay for years! In fact, I still have a scar on my right forearm that’s almost 2″ long from a cat scratch that I got ten years ago! But my only other noticeable scar is on the pad of my right index finger. I was too young when it happened to remember but apparently I sliced my finger open with a knife when I was a toddler. It’s a warning to me never to get into a life of crime as my finger prints would be so easy to identify!

  2. Tracey says:

    I have a scar on my butt. I call it my tail. It was from a cyst that actually took about a year and a half to go through it’s healing process. While in chiropractic school, it appeared and rather than have it cut off, I decided to TRUST the process and witness the Innate Intelligence of my body do it’s job. I used to be self conscious of it, but now it is a reminder of just how powerful my body is at healing.

  3. Katie says:

    I don’t have that many scars ( my sister and cousins are always threatening me to give me one, because they all have pretty distinct ones from stitches) but I actually have one in a very similar spot to your recent burn! I hit the edge of a hot pan while making crabcakes because I too am rather clumsy. Other than that I only have 3 others: a tiny almost invisible one from when I got into a fight with my sister when we were younger, a smushy one on my elbow from telling a dog to run while I walked it (and then i got dragged along a gravel driveway) and finally a 2 inch one on my back when I had to have a mole removed during a skin check. Gotta take care of my fair fair skin!

    Oh…and I have kind of a unique one on my finger from jewelry making! I accidentally cut my finger while cutting metal..and some silver dust got into it. I wasn’t able to get all of it out, so now I have a grey smudge IN my finger.

  4. inmytummy says:

    I dont really have any scars but my legs are all cut and banged up from the warrior dash and I feel pretty awesome and badass for that. I wore a skirt on Monday so people might notice. Haha.

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