Travel Recap 1 + Travel Detox

Aloha kakou!  It has been way too long since my last post and, although unplugging was really nice, I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed blogging. 

Ben and I thought we’d be able to jump right back into our every day lives as soon as we landed home in Kahului, but things worked out a bit differently.  More on that in a minute… Winking smile 


[Why’s Ben’s arm in a sling, you say?  Oh, have I got some stories for you…]

Our trip was incredible!  We saw dozens of friends and family, and drove/flew/subway/walked thousands of miles in the weeks we were gone.  Here are the details, in the quickest synopsis possible:

Leg 1: Maui –> Portland [1 night] –> Boulder [6 days]

Our reason for the trip: two of our best friends, Jose + Jaz, were getting married in Boulder!  We rented a house with our best friends [we all met at the University of Oregon].


The guys went out to celebrate together our first night there, and around 1am I got a phone call from Boulder paramedics.


As it turns out, altitude + mixing [too much] alcohol + not enough water + drainage curb = a dislocated elbow.   Another one of our friends was also hospitalized because he fainted twice and hit his head on the pavement. 


Everyone kept asking how I wasn’t flipping out over the whole thing, but truthfully, I was just so grateful that everyone was fine [although I’d be happy never to receive another phone call from the paramedics].  Plus, we really do have the raddest friends.  By 3.30 am, the crew was all back together, deliriously cracking jokes and having a genuinely great time. 

Ben’s dominant arm being in a sling for the duration of the trip meant a few things: (1) that every day tasks [like showering + eating] would take longer, (2) that I’d be doing most of the heavy carrying [I need the weight training anyway], and (3) that Ben wouldn’t be able to drive very much, if at all.  But, as always, we made it work. Smile


Other highlights from Colorado: Playing my first soccer game ever [and scoring the first goal!]; Jose + Jaz’s wedding was gorgeous, and his Oregon Duck cake made us all proud; hiking Estes Park + surrounding areas with family and friends; and starting a puzzle at 10.30 pm the night before we all left [which we finished at 2 in the morning]. 

Leg 2: Boulder –> Philadelphia/Delaware [3 days] –> New Jersey –> NYC [4 days]

It was my first time on the east coast!  We stayed with Ben’s Aunty, who lives in Delaware, and then rented a car for the remainder of our trip.


Highlights: seeing Colonial architecture for the first time in Philly; seeing the house and town my mother-in-law grew up in [Fair Lawn]; finally having my first blogger meet-up with Katie at the High Line [I absolutely adore her!]; walking the city for 8+ hours a day in our Vibram fivefingers.

It was also huge for this island girl to be in such a huge city for the first time.  I felt like Grand Central Station contained more people than all of upcountry Maui, but in the end I was surprised by just how manageable the city was, and how friendly the people were. 

Oh, and did I mention the fact that I drove into Brooklyn from Jersey?  Yeah.  No big deal Winking smile


Alright, I think I’ll stop there with the travel recap for today.  There’s still so much to tell you about, but I’ll post the next few legs of the trip later. Smile

I’d like to tell you all that I’ve been conjuring up new recipes to share, or that I’ve at least been in the kitchen a lot since being home, but it turns out that after almost four weeks of constant traveling, Ben + I just needed to stop once we got home last week. 

Ben had last week off, so we laid low, went to the beach, read, and took time to reconnect with each other.  We stayed in bed until 10 am, didn’t answer our phones, and detoxed physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  It has been perfect. 

I still feel like I’m detoxing from all of the food from the trip, so my meals have been pretty boring lately.


Lots of veggies, chia seeds, and tea in my life lately… plus I’ve been amping up the vitamins and minerals to get my body back on track.  We’ve also been extremely fortunate lately with all the produce that we’ve been given.


That’s not even half of what’s been given to us by friends and family as summer continues to offer us its incredible bounty.  Bananas, guavas, figs, tangerines and oranges, cucumbers, papayas, avocados, tomatoes, greens!  We’ve been juicing daily, have a full load of frozen bananas, and still can’t go through it all quick enough.

Traveling offers such wonderful perspective, and there’s still more to tell of our adventures, but I must say it’s nice to be home where tropical fruit comes to us straight from the trees and where the ocean reminds me that this is where I belong. 

Aloha Pumehana. Whether you’re here to find balance, wholesome recipes or inspiration, I hope you enjoy the posts.  Please subscribe to Green Plate Dinners to receive automatic updates and be the first to read new posts for free!


5 thoughts on “Travel Recap 1 + Travel Detox

  1. Angela says:

    You were right by me! I can’t believe it!!! I live in NJ closer to Philly. Craziness. Looks like you had a really nice trip despite the little injury. I’m sure you are glad to be back home though too!

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