Travel Recap 2

If you’re catching up on our four-week whirlwind trip across the U.S., here’s what you’ve missed so far (the first two legs of the trip)

The next few legs of our trip were a whirlwind.  We saw multiple states for just a day, as we were really just trying to see as many friends as possible.   I was worried about having to drive so much, but it was actually really nice to explore new places and have so much time with Ben. 

New York City was amazing and all, but by the end of our four days there, I was really missing nature [you know, trees and fresh air].  Lucky for us, our next destination was Holyoke, Massachusetts, where we were able to get back into nature!

Leg 3: NYC –> Connecticut –> Massachusetts (Holyoke, Boston, Duxbury) [3 days]


Highlights: New England seafood!  Obviously I grew up with seafood, but I’d never tasted lobster claw before [amazing!]; Hiking in Holyoke with two of our best friends, Steve + Noeline; Realizing that the Plymouth Rock is actually just a rock; and exploring the beauty of a best friend’s hometown, Duxbury [the Atlantic is cold]!

After a few amazing homemade meals and spirulina drinks, we headed out not-so-bright and early from Duxbury to start our 12 hour road trip down to Virginia, where Ben’s best friend Sam is studying medicine.  Ben’s arm was feeling better, so we switched off every three hours or so, munched on snacks while driving, counted all the –villes, –bergs, and –tons, and enjoyed the rolling hills.  Time flew, and before we knew it we were in Charlottesville!

Leg 4: Massachusetts –> [Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia] –> Virginia [2 days]


Highlights: roadtrippin’ again [we did a lot on the west coast during college]; experiencing Charlottesville, the University of Virginia’s incredible architecture, and southern accents; being able to see friends who drove up from Raleigh!; and hiking the Blue Mountains. 

After just two days, we made the drive back up to Delaware to spend our last night on the east coast before an early morning flight to Seattle.  Can you believe there was traffic at 3.30 in the morning on the way back to Philly?  We were stuck for over an hour and almost missed our flight, but I was quickly reminded of what’s important as we drove past the horrendous accident.  There is so much to be grateful for. 


Leg 5: Philly –> Seattle [2 days] –> Portland [3 days] –> Maui


Highlights: eating freshly-picked veggies from the sis’ garden; being with our Seattle friends + family again; the wonderful scent of evergreens and moss in the forest; and Multnomah falls with Mom + Pop [Ben’s parents]! 

The night before our flight, Mom and Pop made the drive back up to Seattle while Ben and I spent time with a few of our best friends [the ones we’d just seen in Colorado a few weeks back].  We realized that in the short time we were apart we already had so much to catch up on! 

The flight back home was quick + easy [I love Hawaiian Airlines, and the fact that there’s a straight flight to Maui!]. 

No matter how far or how often I travel, I always feel a sense of ease and connection when I see my island Maui from the airport window. 

I am so grateful to be given the opportunity to travel, and to have friends and family all over the world who are willing to let us crash on their couch for a single night and take off before the sun is up. 

I am so grateful to recognize that there is nowhere in the entire world I’d rather come home to than Maui.

And I am so grateful to have a partner who will venture the world with me and broaden my horizons, yet show me every day that all I’ll ever need is right here. 

Do you feel the same sense of ease when you land back at home?  What’s your favorite travel memory?

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3 thoughts on “Travel Recap 2

  1. Therese says:

    Sounds like an awesome trip lady! I totally get that sense of ease when I get home again. I love travelling but nothing beats my own bed and knowing where everything is!

    I think my favourite travel memory has to be when I met up with a good friend of mine in Australia (I was visiting and she was going to school on the Gold Coast). It was a week of laughing, wandering, drinking, meeting new people and just generally having an awesome time!

  2. Katie says:

    Yay you’re back! And it was totally surreal to see my face on your blog. I still cannot get over how much traveling you guys did.

    I cannot pick my favorite travel memory, I have way too many between study abroads with friends in Italy and England along with family trips to various places, including Hawai’i

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