Motivational Monday–Getting Back on Track

Happy Monday!

I’m happy to say that I’m finally starting to get back into the great groove I was in before the whirlwind adventure!  I love traveling, but it definitely takes a toll on me both emotionally and physically. 

Even with preparation and effort to travel healthily, it’s almost inevitable that I’m going to veer off-track with fitness and exercise during a long trip.   And that’s perfectly okay!  To me, food is definitely part of experiencing different places and cultures, and I know that I’ll return to my healthy lifestyle as soon as possible.  While on vacation, I remind myself not to go overboard, but to enjoy myself and not feel overwhelmed with guilt.  I personally believe guilt does worse things to me than a bagel while in Manhattan.


Nonetheless, about half way through the trip, my body began to show warning signs of being mistreated.  Eating out often plus a lack of constant veggies began to wreak havoc on my system – I became constipated [sorry if that’s TMI] and grouchy, and I started breaking out.  While my jeans still fit, I felt like my muscle had begun to turn into flab, which made me feel gross.  There were multiple days on our trip where I’d turn to Ben and say, “Are you sure you don’t think I look greasy and disgusting, because I feel extra chubby today”.  I’m extremely lucky to have a partner who always tells me, “you look great!”, but on a few occasions it was hard to believe.  Eventually, it all came back to the fact that I did still fit into my jeans, so I’d force myself to stop making a big deal of it and just enjoy our trip – keeping in mind that I’d have some serious detoxing to do once I got home. 

Our first week back on Maui was pretty low-key.  Ben and I both needed time to let the entire trip sink in, so we didn’t do much.  I did, however, have to get back to my TurboKick classes.  While I was away, a couple of good friends subbed the class for me to make sure my students still got their kick-butt workouts three days a week.  I – on the other hand – took my longest break away from TurboKick ever, which could only mean one thing: I was bogging!  I played it cool and kept up with my students, but I was hurting after three days in a row of teaching that week. 

The next week, I decided to add things back into my exercise routine.  I didn’t want to over-train [which would lead to being inactive for a few days], so  I added in two days of kettlebell training, a couple short runs, and a few walks around the neighborhood.  Paired with my back-on-track healthy eating/detox, I felt great!  My skin cleared up, my energy was back, and everything got back to functioning optimally once more.


This past week, I added back in the rest of my fitness routine to get me to where I was before I left for vacation.  Ben and I ran six miles in preparation for our half-marathon and I added in something I’ve been wanting to get back into since college –  swimming!


Last week I swam twice, loosely following this plan from Women’s Health Mag.  The first day I did about 850 meters and the second I swam about 1110.  Swimming feels so good for my body – it’s low-impact cardio, plus the water gives resistance, which helps in creating lean muscle.  I’ve swam on and off since I was a kid [my mom actually started me in the swimming pool when before I could walk] and have always loved it, but I haven’t gotten back to it since my college days until now. 

I’m hooked [again].  This week I’ll be adding in another lap swim day – taking me up to three days a week – along with three days of TurboKick instructing, three days of weight training [upper/lower/full], a run and yoga, taking me back up to where I was before leaving on a jet plane… except I really feel like swimming will really round out my training routine beautifully now.  I’m excited to push past my limits in the water! 


Of course, fitness isn’t everything in the wellness equation.  I’ve been making sure to fuel myself with healthy, wholesome, delicious food [I’ve got some great recipes to share with you this week!]; I’ve been creating – journaling, cooking, playing with babies; and I’ve been getting plenty of sleep and weekly chiropractic care.

I feel phenomenal!  While I’m always happy to travel and explore the world, it sure feels good to get back to the balance that works for me! 

What do you do to get back on track?  Are you big on swimming too? 

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Motivational Mondays are meant to offer you tips and tools to help you live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  What would you like to see for Motivational Mondays? Would you like to be a contributor? Comment or email me at and tell me your motivational story, who motivates you, and/or your tips.

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5 thoughts on “Motivational Monday–Getting Back on Track

  1. AmandaonMaui says:

    I definitely know what it’s like to go away on a long trip and to lose connection to your body, and to have to try to get back on track. It’s hard, but you’re the type of person I can really see getting through it all.

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