Good Beginnings

Happy Thursday!  Every single week seems to be flying by lately… I can barely keep up!

I am definitely a morning person, and while life without a desk job has been beyond wonderful, I’m finding it to be way too easy for me to hang out in bed with a book rather than get a jump start on my day. Lately, I’ve been getting up with Ben [around 6], having a cup of tea [mint for me in the mornings, please] while he eats his breakfast, and helping to pack his lunch before he heads out the door at 7.30.  Sitting together at the table for breakfast puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

As soon as Ben’s out the door, I start my day with some form of exercise.  Today, I woke up with a 20-minute yoga podcast from [check them out – they’ve got tons of podcast classes for free!] and a quick weight training sesh focusing on legs.


I didn’t go too heavy on the lower body today because I still have to teach a kickboxing class at noon, but I was definitely feeling it.

After getting sweaty, I made and ate some homemade cereal [click for recipe].


[3 Tbsp raw amaranth / 3 Tbsp popped amaranth]

I just have to say, Ashley is a freakin’ genius.  I love cereal but won’t allow myself to buy it because I can down a box in a single day, which is both expensive and not-so-healthy.  The DIY cereal is cheap, easy, and nutritious [I was surprised by how much protein and nutrients are in amaranth!].  A serving is 1/4 cup/4 Tbsp, which makes quite a bit… and having to pop it myself ensures that my portion size stays in check.

I’ve been eating this DIY cereal when I’m in a rush but need a good boost of energy [like between yoga and a lap swim].  I like it with almond milk, maca + protein powder, but I’m sure it’d be amazing in a parfait or just as a yogurt topping, too.  And I love the texture of this stuff – although it gets a little soggy, it somehow still has a crunch to it.  Amazing.

Now that my workout is done and calories have been consumed, I’m hammock-bound to read more of this:


Sometimes I get so engrossed in books that I’ll read multiple books within the span of a single week.  I’m in one of those modes right now, and I’m not complaining one bit. I’ve got to get all my leisure reading in before grad school starts back up in a month! 

How do you start off your day?

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8 thoughts on “Good Beginnings

  1. nuttmeg92 says:

    The way you take care of your body is really inspiring.
    I’ve never thought of using almond milk on my cereal. I absolutely love it, and I bet it would be a good way to spice up a really bland but healthy cereal.

  2. 2blu2btru says:

    I wish I could say I start my day off this well. I usually start off the day hitting snooze then running like crazy to get to work on time. It’s not that great of an option. I think I’m going to set my clock earlier so I can start with a workout…or breakfast. You know, either/or. 😉

  3. Therese says:

    I’ve been struggling with the same issue actually. This month it’s been too easy for me to just sleep in! But I’m getting better at disciplining myself (except for this morning…), normally I get up at 6:30am to eat a light pre-workout snack, then I’m sitting in meditation for half an hour and then it’s some form of exercise, usually either yoga, circuit training or out for a run before coming back, finishing breakfast, showering and sitting down at my desk to work. I LOVE it but again, I still find it easier to just cuddle up with Alan when the alarm goes off!

    • greenplatedinners says:

      I got it in the bulk section of my local health/natural food store, and that’s what it’s called 🙂 Bob’s Red Mill will usually sell grains like amaranth as well… and if you can’t find it there, I’d check online. Good luck!

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