Swimming Is A Contact Sport

A few days ago I mentioned the fact that I’ve been getting back into the pool lately.  I am loving my morning swims, and realize more and more that I really enjoy solo exercise [walking, swimming, weights, etc.].  There’s a sense of calm under water that I don’t find anywhere else. 

And while swimming is a great meditation for my mind, my body has also been thanking me for easing up a bit on my joints a few days a week [running + kickboxing are pretty intensive on the joints].  

I have gotten quite a few knicks while swimming that I can’t say I’d get while running, though. 


It seems like every time I go to the pool I leave a little piece of skin there [eww, that sounds disgusting].  I’m trying not to jinx it, but I’ve already gotten poked pretty deeply by a tack [don’t ask, I was trying to help the lifeguards with the corkboard…] and lost some skin on both my thumb knuckle and my knee. 

I know, graceful.  I honestly don’t know how I do it.  [Although I’m pretty sure the knee scrape came from a turn off the barrier].  Nonetheless, I’m antsy to get back in the water today and stretch out my tight muscles [it’s amazing how yoga can make me feel so sore!]. 

Today’s goal: 1400 meters [I’m hoping to get up to a mile – 1650m – next week]!

Have a beautiful Friday! 

What’s your favorite type of exercise?  I like a good mix of social/group and solo exercise.

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