Mr. Ben’s First Day

It’s – obviously – been a bit difficult for me to step back into the blog since my vacation. 

My bad. 

Sometimes I just get caught up in the moment and get forgetful.  I’m sure you understand. Winking smile

In the past week:

  • Although I didn’t write any blogs, I did fill up quite a few journal pages [which is definitely a good thing, as I notice that when my writing stops flowing, my life stops functioning]. 


  • I started reading “Good Grief” for my first ever book club meeting this month!  [Is it really weird that I’m most excited about the prospect of having a potluck and making goodies for random strangers?] 

good grief

  • We were gifted a ridiculous amount of ginormous avocados from my Grandma’s tree [my favorite!]…


and ate more than our fair share for this season.


  • Addi – who is growing up way too fast! – and I explored a brand new Pre-K playground in Kula!


  • I had way too much fun at ‘Iao Valley with four of my favorite boys in the entire world!


[plus Ben + Zak!]


  • And I got to help Ben clean + set up his first classroom as a teacher! 


[excuse the blurry smart phone photo]

That’s right!  Today Mr. Ben goes from assistant teacher to TEACHER!  Smile

“Teaching is the profession that makes all others possible.”

The world of Special Education is incredibly broad, and the subject is not easy to teach, nor understand.  It’s people like Ben, who are extraordinarily patient, caring, and giving, who make all the difference for not only the students themselves, but for their families. 

To the man who continues to amaze, inspire, and motivate me: I could not possibly be any prouder of you than I am at this very moment. 

Happy first day of school, Mr. Ben! 

Was there a teacher who made a profound difference in your life? 

For me it was Mrs. Weeks, my AP Psych teacher, who believed in my vision and walked me through the college application process line by line before school every morning because no one in my family had ever even looked at a college app before. 

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12 thoughts on “Mr. Ben’s First Day

  1. Therese says:

    I’ve been thinking of joining a book club for the last few weeks!!!

    Congrats to Ben! How exciting and as a niece to an uncle who is mentally disabled, I’m so happy to hear that Ben chose this path! It’s difficult, yes, but I can imagine to be so rewarding!!!

    I think my favourite teacher would have to have been Mr. O’Dwyer whom I had for several subjects in high school. In fact, he was apparently a lot of peoples’ favourite as he won a Teacher of The Year award a few years back! Now retired he not only taught us what he was supposed to teach us but tried to teach us how to question the world around us. He brought in speakers from all over the world (such as people from the Orange Party to Bobby Seal – co-founder of The Black Panthers – to Holocaust survivors and nuns from Africa) to teach us critical thinking skills and develop a passion for world events. He was a true gift to education and I am so lucky to know him!

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