First things first, check this out:


A twin chicken egg!!! Have you ever seen anything like it??

At first I just thought it was one really fat egg… then I thought it just had a humungous yolk.  And then I opened it!  I – obviously – had to wrap it in foil and surprise Ben with it once he got home.  After the best egg conversation I think I’ve ever had, we decided two things:

1. Nature makes some pretty awesome stuff.  The egg came from our farmer’s market friend Heidi.  We obviously had never seen twinsy eggs from the store because those chickens there controlled, and then the eggs are monitored… an abnormally large egg probably wouldn’t make it to market.

2. That chicken musta let out one huge ‘bagock!’ when that egg was released.  Damn.

Hehe.  I know, it’s the little things in life, right?  I mean, honestly, what’s the point in having my own blog if I don’t get to tell you things like this?  Winking smile

Oh, the twinsie egg was eaten last night.  Ben and I shared it.  After I got over my self-induced heeby-jeebies, it was delicious. 

Anyway!  This morning I woke up and drank my tea while Mr. Ben had a bowl of cereal.  I decided it was going to be a great day, and that I wanted to take some extra time to make myself an oat bake!

I got the ingredients out, started smashing the banana, and then turned to grab the egg from the fridge when this happened:


Chia seeds down!  Sad smile

The glass shattered everywhere, but the worst part is that I just stocked that jar full of chia seeds [humph].  Luckily, I had an overflow jar in the fridge that I could use for the recipe, but if worse came to worse, I would have scraped a Tbsp together off the ground [obviously].

Who doesn’t want to be vacuuming chia seeds and shattered glass off the floor at 7am?


[Why yes, that is a nighty paired with glass-proof Danskos.  Hot.]

I cleaned as quick as possible because I still just had one thing on the brain:



And then I added the seeds back to my list:


[How am I out of buckwheat??  Must get it ASAP to make this.]

In the end, it was so worth it. 


I had half the bake, covered in a peanut flour [2 Tbsp] / protein powder [1/2 scoop] / almond mix [1 Tbsp] spread.  Delicious!

And then I got to work:


I was a sweaty mess after today’s kettlebell routine [just as it should be]!  I’m definitely going to feel this one tomorrow.

Now I’m off to give my TurboKick students what they come for, followed by another trip to the health food store. Smile  Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

Do you get as sweaty as I do?  I gauge how hard I’ve worked by the amount of sweat on my clothes!

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4 thoughts on “Fiasco

  1. AmandaonMaui says:

    Oh my! What a rough start to the day with the chia seeds. 😦 At least you ended the day with a smile on your face.

    I definitely get sweaty during workouts. I got pretty sweaty today putting in a lot of effort and energy with my pilates, and I was nearly soaked after my 4 mile Leslie Sansone video yesterday. It feels great!

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