Post Workshop Blues

Sorry for completely neglecting GPD for the past week.  That workshop I was preparing for took place and was, quite literally, all-encompassing.  Over the week I took the rare opportunity to I put every ounce of energy I had into myself and the process.  And I was shocked at what came out of me.

I was surrounded by fellow writers at all stages of their process.  We supported each other, gave feedback and insights, and held a safe space to share the deeply personal and emotional stories that come up when you sit down to write a memoir. 

It was Profound.  Beautiful.  Meaningful. 


If you ever get the chance to attend a writing workshop, do itIt has given me just the encouragement I need to start the process of writing a book.  It has given me tools to get started and stay on track.  It helped me realize my strengths and weaknesses.  And it was healing. 

I’ve come away with a sense of uneasiness, though, as I don’t want to lose the space that was created for me there.  Having a safe space to create (and be critiqued + encouraged) every day was invaluable.  I’ve woken up the past couple of days without the tasks of reading or writing a prompt, and I feel lost.  In the time I used to deeply discuss art with my peers, I wander around the house.  Scrub the dishes I’ve neglected. 

The workshop meant so much to me that I feel a new-found purpose.  I am so excited to launch from here into the realm of my very own memoir. 

Part of this past week was spent looking at our creative processes – how, when, and where do we do our writing?  I realized that my writing [blog/personal] was done in confined spaces that had multiple uses [our living room/study/dining room/exercise space, for example].  I didn’t have a space that was just mine, away from the distractions of internet and dishes and a floor that needed to be swept. 

So I’ve made one small change, and it is already helping my writing process tremendously. 


Sure, our deck is falling apart [and won’t be fixed until the house is sold to someone else], but it is a fine place to create in the early mornings as the sun illuminates the West Maui Mountains before me.    


I’ve taken what I’ve learned from the workshop this past week and hope to keep it all alive through my writing.  I feel safe and supported out here with nature. 

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