Wanna know a few secrets about my Momma?

  1. She’s always sworn she doesn’t know how to swim, but I know for a fact that she paddled canoe all through high school [yes, paddling entails swimming]. 
  2. She’s a fearless leader and activist in both our community and the world, yet she’s cripplingly afraid of cockroaches. 
  3. I can’t remember doing a single hike with her while growing up, but she’s gone every single weekend for the past month.


Yesterday, Zak, Ben, Mom and I got a late start and headed into Makamaka`ole around 3pm. 


We made our way through an abundance of ginger [both ornamental + shampoo/awapuhi],


enjoyed all kinds of natural beauty,


[lilikoi/passion fruit flower + fruit]

and crossed this river thirteen times


before coming to a small pond with a sweet waterfall.


Apparently you’re supposed to climb a rope over this fall and up another 30 feet or so.  But we decided to save that adventure for another day. 

Yesterday we were just happy to be enjoying yet another gorgeous adventure together in nature. 



Happy Monday, friends!  Let’s make this week rock! 

What’d you get up to this weekend? 

What is your favorite thing to do with family?  Although my family is always a lot of fun, I’d definitely have to say mine is being out in nature, where there’s enough room for all of our personalities to shine!


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7 thoughts on “Makamaka`ole

  1. Momma says:

    More secrets about your mom: Haley taught me all about hiking, it’s wonderful! I slipped and slided so much on that hike yesterday that I’m bruised and scratched and scraped all over! Also, balancing (or not) on the slippery rocks is excellent exercise as evidenced by my achy sides, core, back and leg muscles today! Who knew all this could be so much FUN?

  2. AmandaonMaui says:

    Where is Makamaka‘ole? I’ve never heard of it. Or, is that a secret you’d like to keep?

    Oh, btw the head of your book club was at my house last night and I showed her your site. She loves your earrings.

    Maui sure is small!

    Oh, and I’ve never seen a lilikoi flower before. It’s amazing!

    I wish my mom lived closer. 🙂

    • greenplatedinners says:

      I totally agree – it’s a small island!! How cool that you know Katie =)

      Makamaka`ole is just past the Waihe`e Ridge hike on the way to Kahakuloa. There will be a big boulder for you to pull off by – then walk back into the valley behind you. It’s a gorgeous hike!

  3. Silva Gang says:

    Hi Haley! Beautiful photos! And that is so funny about your mom! She is the best! Have you guys tried hiking up to the windmills yet? Oh man, Mike and I did that one a while ago, and we thought we were gonna die. If you want something really “fun” lol, you should try that one. I think we were hurting for a week! 😦

    • greenplatedinners says:

      Ben + I have gone a few miles in, but haven’t done the whole thing yet! We were all thinking we’d go up on a full moon during the winter… We wanna catch sunset and watch the whales from up there, then hike down in the moonlight. Wanna come with??

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