Since my foot injury, I haven’t been able to get in much of my usual exercise.  Turbokick, jogging, and even my beloved LiveFit aren’t really options when you can’t put pressure on your foot. 

The break from my normal activity level has been pretty difficult for me emotionally, but I just keep reminding myself that my body does everything I ask it to do, and now it’s my turn to listen and take a break for a little bit. 

There is one activity I can do to stay sane while my foot heals, though:


[Thank goodness for swimming!]

Yes, I’m beginning to realize that my relationship with exercise [/overexercise?] may not be the healthiest [that’s a whole post for another day], but I truly enjoy what exercise does for my spirit, as well as my body.  A few days without it and I’m antsy and have too much pent-up energy. 

Plus, to me, swimming is meditative.  I love the feeling of gliding through water.  The way the sunshine glistens across the bottom of the pool, making the world look metallic.  I love the silence of swimming – just me and my disciplined breath. 

I’m beginning to think maybe this foot injury happened so that I had an excuse to reconnect with my swimming practice.

For the past few weeks, I got busy with school/teaching/running, and neglected my swim routine.  But since the foot incident, I’ve been to the pool twice.  I’ve been researching form and have dedicated myself to getting better at freestyle.  I’m still working on distance. 


Warm-Up: 200 kick

Main: 50 breast, 100 free [focus on catch-up stroke] x 4

Tread: 3 min treading water

Cool-Down: 200 easy

Total: 1000 meters


Warm-Up: 2×50 kick, 100 breast

Main: 4×25 right arm, 4×25 pull, 4×25 left arm, 4×25 kick, 4×25 catch up

3×100 easy [focus on technique]

Tread: 3 min

Cool-Down: 100 breast, 100 easy free, 100 kick

Total: 1300 meters [modified from this routine]

The best part about it?  I leave the pool feeling accomplished and refreshed, and it doesn’t hurt one bitIt feels great to find something that challenges my body but also honors it. 

Alright, I’m off to get some acupuncture and Chinese herbs!  Have a beautiful weekend!

What’s your favorite form of exercise?  How do you feel about your relationship with exercise?  [I’ll be posting on this topic soon and am very interested to know your thoughts!]

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2 thoughts on “Laps

  1. Melissa @ TryingToHeal says:

    My favorite exercise is most definitely running; I’ve been doing it for so long that I don’t know anything else?

    As far as my relationship with exercise goes, it is up and down. For years before my ED, it was a normal I love to run and be with my team exercise. When I developed my ED it was only for burning calories. Since then, I have had a mix of both. It all depends on the motive for exercise (training for a big race or just running to stay fit/not feel like i’m going to gain weight) that will strike how I feel about exercise. I cant’ wait to see your post on it!

  2. lovelylici1986 says:

    Ahhh! Swimming. One of the best. I love that it works the entire body. And being in water just feels amazing, especially if it’s outdoors in a tropical climate. It’s so relaxing. And is there ever a better meal and sleep than after a good swim? Answer: No.

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