T-Minus 20 hours!

This week totally got away from me!  I finally got my practicum site all set up [working with severely mentally ill adults], did some last minute baby-sitting [love those kiddos!], and got to lunch with one of my best friends who just got back on-island.  Before I knew it, Ben + were making last-minute arrangements at a hotel on the west side for [gulp!] tonight.  Holy bejeezus, can you believe our half marathon is tomorrow??? 

Disappointed smile

Only the Universe could have predicted the fact that I’d be dealing with a foot injury a couple weeks before my half marathon.  Or that I’d be seriously contemplating the nature of my relationship with exercise, for that matter.  But here we are.  The day before the race, and I’m still unsure if I’ll even be participating.

So my plan?

Well, my foot really hasn’t been giving me too much trouble for the past couple of days.  In fact, I taught my entire kickboxing class yesterday with zero pain!  That definitely doesn’t mean it’s completely healed, though.  I had shooting pains from the bottom of my foot near the end of the day as I was walking with the kids [?]. 

So, I plan to pick up my race packet and treat my body as if I’ll be racing tomorrow [eat well, sleep well, lay easy on the legs], and then come morning, I’ll do some stretching and walk a bit to see if it’s giving me any pain. 

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned through all of this is to stop as soon as my body starts telling me something is seriously wrong.  If I do decide to participate in the half-marathon, I’ll walk as soon as my foot hurts. If I make it to the end – awesome!  Haha.  At this point, I’m in it 100% for the journey rather than just the destination. 

I do have to say how flippin’ excited I am to be taking on the half with my best friend + hubby Ben!  He’s ridiculously athletic, and he makes everything look easy and effortless, but he’s never actually wanted to run a half or full marathon  [truth be told, I bought his bib and then told him that he’d be running with me]. 

But everything is a grand adventure with Ben!  And, come tomorrow around 9am, we’ll be able to say we went through this together, too.

Dear Sunshine,

I love you and all, but please hide behind the Maui clouds tomorrow morning.  Just ‘til 9ish?  Also, please know that these running tan-lines you’re giving me are getting a bit ridiculous.  I get it: you’ve got a sense of humor. 

All my love,



Ben and I are now getting ready to watch our Oregon Ducks beat Missouri State while having some breakfast [pancakes?].  Then we’re headed over to the west side to pick up our race packets and get settled into our hotel. Smile  We’ll be going out for dinner tonight, but I’ll definitely be bringing homemade food/snacks for tomorrow’s pre-race breakfast. 

As an I’m sorry for leaving you hanging for two days and welcome fall!, I’ll be posting a recipe for some amazing pumpkin pancakes later today! 

See you Monday! 

Do you have a big race this weekend, too? 

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3 thoughts on “T-Minus 20 hours!

  1. Momma says:

    Oh Missy I wish I could be there to cheer you on for the big day!!! I think this is the first time I’m going to meet your big day!! Just know I’ll be thinking about you and sending you love love love for a wonderful adventure!! Take plenty pictures!! I love you!!

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