Peanut Flour Options

Thank you so much for your recommendations to remedy my peanut flour situation!  Because I’m obviously in a rush to get flour and create more scookies, I immediately got to researching my options. Smile 

Of the three companies mentioned, I had only heard of PB2 [which I’ve heard great things about!].  Thank goodness for the internet, because it was all too easy to check out the other companies – Southern Grace Farms and Byrd Mill – and compare value.  Here’s what I found:

Nutritional Value:

PB2: Ingredients = roasted peanuts, sugar, salt.    [1/4c = 90 cals / 3g fat / 10g carb / 4g fiber / 10g protein]

Southern Grace Farms: Ingredients = roasted peanuts.    [1/4c = 110 cals / 4g fat / 8g carb / 4g fiber / 16g protein]

Byrd Mill: No ingredients listed.  Two options: 28% light peanut flour or 12% dark peanut flour.     For the dark flour, which I was more interested in: [1/4c = 100 cals / 3g fat / 7g carbs / 3g fiber / 12g protein]

None of the companies mentioned anything about being organic or sustainably-farmed.

The biggest difference here is in the amount of protein per serving.  Although they are all pretty comparable in all areas, I like the protein boost from Southern Grace Farms best.  Not to mention their simple ingredient list! 

Monetary Value:

PB2: 4 1-lb bags = $27.16, which comes to $6.79/lb. 

Southern Grace Farms: 6 1-lb bags = $23.40, which comes to $3.90/lb. 

Byrd Mill: 4 1-lb bags = $20.12, which comes to $5.03/lb.

It’s pretty obvious here that Southern Grace Farms has the best deal cost-wise. 

Shipping Cost:

This is where it gets fun.  Hawai`i always get raked when it comes to shipping fees – if the company even ships to us! PB2: One option: UPS Ground $45.71.  Grand total: $72.87 for four pounds of peanut flour. 


Southern Grace Farms: Four options: (1) USPS Non Breakable Dry Goods $23.30, (2) UPS Ground $48.07, (3) UPS 2nd Day Air $92.92, or (4) UPS Next Day Air $156.98 [that’s when I almost choked on my trail mix].  Best deal grand total: $46.70 for 6 pounds of peanut flour. 


Byrd Mill: Three options: (1) UPS Ground $40.64, (2) UPS 2nd Day Air $51.75 or (3) UPS Next Day Air $87.17.  Best deal grand total: $60.76 for 4 pounds of dark peanut flour. 


Good on you, Southern Grace Farms, for offering a [cheaper] option the others don’t.  Plus I get more product for a cheaper rate?  Hmm…

Nonetheless, paying close to $50 for six pounds of peanut flour still seems ridiculous.  Sure, I could triple my order to get the most out of my buck, but where on earth am I going to store 18 pounds of peanut flour [don’t worry Ben, that’s a hypothetical question].  When I got to this dilemma, I did what any self-respecting foodie would do: I cried to my hubby until he could figure out a solution. 


Ben figured out that we could send the peanut flour to his parents’ home in Seattle and then have them flat-rate the box to us in Hawai`i [see why I married him?]!  With the lower original shipping cost from Southern Grace it doesn’t seem to make too big of a difference, but it’s pretty huge when looking at Byrd Mill peanut flour:


[$9 instead of $40?!  We could pay for the flat-rate and it would still be cheaper!]

Knowing this means I get to choose the product I want rather than what is the most economical [although it seems that those two may go hand-in-hand].  Ah the joys of shipping to Hawai`i.  We have to get pretty creative out here. 

So, to sum it all up: the Southern Grace Farms option seems to be the best on all levels here, but I’m also intrigued with the dark peanut flour from Byrd Mill.  I’ll definitely be starting with Southern Grace and seeing where I go from there! 

Where do you live? Have you ever seen crazy shipping costs like these before?

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One thought on “Peanut Flour Options

  1. Angela @ The Chicken Scoop says:

    Ouch!!! Good idea on your hubby’s part! Love flat rate boxes (why can’t companies use them??). I will have to check out the Southern Grace flour too! Thanks for letting us all know how they compared!!!! When I’m out of PB2, I will have to get some from one of the other places!

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